Paperlust Papercast, EP 01


Papercast Podcast by Paperlust, bringing you monthly updates and information on wedding invitation trends and things to know.


  • The Papercast Podcast - Episode 1

    The Papercast Podcast - Episode 1

    16/05/2019 Duración: 01h12min

     Welcome to the Paperlust Papercast, EP 01. This episodes topics include: how to address wedding invitations;  when to send out wedding invitations (i.e. when to mail, when to send destination wedding invitations, when to send save the dates);  how much do wedding invitations cost, and we’ll explain a bit about why pricing goes down as you buy more;  some of the places you can buy wedding invitations;  how much people spend on average;  how to make them yourselves using different services, or doing it yourself, or getting a friend to design it; how to assemble them – a lot of wedding invitations come in suites where you can layer them or use liners and belly bands;  what to write on wedding invitations – modern versus traditional, what you can’t leave out, and whose name goes first on wedding invitations;  what size generally are wedding invitations and why you need to consider what size you need before you go big,  and how to save money on weddin