Crime dramas, personality disorders, and weird animal news! Discussion and speculation about killers, criminals, and other creepy crawlies from TV, movies, books and real life.


  • Head Wound 13

    Head Wound 13


    The depressive and the psychopath—killer duos. We begin our discussion with the Columbine killers, digging into the differences between psychotics, depressives, and sociopaths. Yup, another cheery Head Wound!

  • Head Wound 11

    Head Wound 11


    Patriarchy has some 'splaining to do. More Jenny Worley, and wrapping up "The Ring"—cheering on bad mothers, universal fear of staircases in little girls' houses, and can videotapes reallllly appear out of the metaphors in your brain? Crack open your new Head Wound.

  • Head Wound 10

    Head Wound 10


    Our first true horror show! "The Ring," the pathology of reproduction, and a call from Special Guest Star Dr. Jenny Worley. Dig into your new Head Wound.

  • Head Wound 09

    Head Wound 09


    Law and Order in Russian! Narcissism and queerness! Book reports on books we haven't read! Time for your Head Wound.

  • Head Wound 08

    Head Wound 08


    Co-host Anastasia Kayiatos joins us for the first time! Pseudo Stockholm Syndrome, fake feminism, and pandering police protagonists—it's your new Head Wound.  

  • Head Wound 06

    Head Wound 06


    Macho skinhead cops with FEELINGS? It's long past time for your new Head Wound.

  • Head Wound 05

    Head Wound 05


    Personality disorder du jour, the uses of human hair in gifts to your ex, check-cashing corpses and milkshake-slurping snakes: it's time for Head Wound.

  • Head Wound 04

    Head Wound 04


    Histrionics, hysteria, striking writers and human vending's your new Head Wound.

  • Head Wound 03

    Head Wound 03


    Finally, another podcast!

  • Head Wound 02

    Head Wound 02


    Find the first full-length Head Wound podcast here.

  • Head Wound 01

    Head Wound 01


    The introductory Head Wound podcast is here!