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Join the editors of Packerpedia as they discuss the latest news and topics surrounding the Green Bay Packers.


  • Freestyling Past the Fins


    Mike and Dan look back at the Green Bay Packers' thrilling come-from-behind victory over the Dolphins, and try to put it in context for the season moving forward. The guys are chock full of opinions during their weekly Unsung and Unstrung segment, and they also take a look at the next matchup against Carolina. The show is wrapped up with a special gift for the listeners, as Mike put together a brief montage of some of Coach McCarthy's recent comments about Aaron Rodgers.

  • First "Quarter" Review


    Mike and Dan Conklin review how the first quarter of the Green Bay Packers' season has played out, and try to diagnose some of the enigmatic play on both sides of the ball. They also look at some of the Unsung and Unstrung players for the season to date, before looking forward to the next game against the Dolphins.

  • It's Only One Game...Right?


    Mike and Dan return with a review of the first Green Bay Packers game of the season, warts and all. The guys point out which players stood out (for better or worse) during their Unsung and Unstrung segment, and look forward to the home opener against the New York Jets to see if Mike McCarthy’s crew can right the ship.

  • Post-Draft Extravaganza


    Join Mike and Dan as they dive headfirst into the Packers draft, with added perspective provided by special guest Matt Waldman from the Rookie Scouting Portfolio. In addition to discussing each selection in depth, the guys also explore the recent headline-grabbing addition of Colt Lyerla to the roster.

  • Draft Preview Special With Shane Hallam


    DraftTV's Shane Hallam joins Mike and Dan for a preview of nearly all the positions of need for the Packers. It is a draft preview extravaganza of epic proportions.

  • Insider Interview with Bill Huber


    Packer Report's Bill Huber takes a break from the Packers beat to join us for a deep dive into the state of the team going into the draft. Special attention is paid to both the offensive and defensive lines, and Bill shares his somewhat contrarian view on the Packers' situation at safety.

  • Megashow Contribution


    Mike and Dan add their own twist while contributing to their segment in a Packers Talk Network Megashow, complete with a trip in a time machine.

  • Staying Alive


    Mike and Dan cue up the Bee Gees in the wake of the Packers come-from-behind victory over the Falcons. The guys look back at the inspired play of the defense, whose second half performance allowed the Packers to pull out the win. They also take a deep breath and try to take realistic look at whether or not the playoff push will continue successfully against the Cowboys in Dallas.

  • Something Needs To Change...But What?


    In the wake of the Thanksgiving debacle in Detroit, Mike and Dan try to tackle exactly why the defense has been gobbled up in recent weeks. They also reflect back upon the downward spiral that has taken place since Aaron Rodgers left the lineup, and brainstorm about what may need to change moving forward.

  • Dazed, Confused, and Downright Puzzled


    Mike and Dan try to comprehend how to feel after neither winning nor losing a crucial game to the Vikings. Dan shares some surprising thoughts about how he perceives the current state of the quarterback position, and they also look forward to the do-or-die Thanksgiving showdown in Detroit.

  • Equal Opportunity Mediocrity


    Mike and Dan explore how all three phases came up short in the Packers' most recent loss to the Giants. They also dissect the recent comments by Aaron Rodgers about his injury and what it may mean for the outcome of this season. Other topics for discussion include the continued development of Scott Tolzien, the current state of the defense, and their signature segment, "Unsung and Unstrung."

  • Keeping Calm and Carrying On


    Another game, another backup quarterback. Mike and Dan review the Eagles game and take a look at what it means for the Packers to move forward with their third string signal caller, Scott Tolzien. They also discuss the sad state of affairs late in games recently, and look forward to what it might all mean as the Packers go to New York to face the Giants.

  • A Very Funereal Podcast


    Mike and Dan mourn the loss of Aaron Rodgers in the wake of his fractured collarbone. They review the Bears game, painful though it may be, and discuss what the next part of the season may look like without the Packers' superstar signal caller.

  • Next Man Up...Again


    Mike and Dan take a look back at the impressive shorthanded Packers win over the Browns, and discuss the serious injury to Jermichael Finley and its possible effect on the team moving forward. They also note the highlights (and not-so-highlights) during their signature "Unsung and Unstrung" game review.

  • Costly Victory in Baltimore


    Mike and Dan review a very satisfying and gritty win in Baltimore, take stock of the worsening medical situation on the team, and discuss a few interesting comments by members of the team.

  • Lions and Ravens and Thumbs, Oh My


    The guys recap the win over the Lions, discuss what the loss of Clay Matthews will mean for the defense, and take a look at the continuing success of the running game. They also look forward to the upcoming game against the defending Super Bowl champion Ravens.

  • Bungling the Bengals Game


    There is plenty to talk about this week, as the Packerpedia guys review one of the strangest games in recent memory. They also discuss how much should be made of the sideline spat between Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy, as well as the pros and cons of having the bye week so early this season.

  • Packers Show What They Can Do


    There is no shortage of topics after the Packers flexed their muscles against the Redskins in Week 2. The guys discuss the strong performances by all three facets of the team, and look into how big of a deal it was that the Redskins scored three touchdowns after the game was in hand. They also look forward to another matchup against a playoff team in Cincinnati.

  • Glass Half Empty, Glass Half Full


    The guys from Packerpedia get the regular season started by talking about the burgeoning rivalry between the Packers and 49ers, paying special attention to Jim Harbaugh's verbal attack on Clay Matthews the day after the game. They also discuss what's been getting into Mike McCarthy lately, before diving into a preview of the Week 2 matchup against the Redskins.

  • The Games Count Now


    Join Mike and Dan as they look back at some of the surprise cuts as the Packers chose their final roster. They preview the opening grudge match against the 49ers, but as part of this special preview episode they also make predictions for every game for the entire season.

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