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    16/03/2009 Duración: 02h20min Boxing Featuring: Lee Honish, Julian Kasdan & Andrew Lapachet Robert ‘the ghost’ Guerrero is a ‘wussy’ boy! Barrera is a man… Just not a smart man! Super Middleweights: The top 10 Middleweights: The top 10 Junior Middleweights: The top 10 Roy Jones and his Cock Fights on Saturday Vitali Klitschko is champion emeritus-douche-bag-us! MMA Featuring: Lee Honish, Julian Kasdan, Chris Greenman & Gina (the ring card hotty) Tribute to Charles Mask Lewis Gina and her pink bag of sexual play toys Ken Shamrock is a steroid shooting moron! UFC 100 has its highlights Greenman loves porn… Gina & Guess what weight the fighters are game…. Gina & Guess how little she’s wearing… Gina & Guess which fighters she’d sleep with… Gina & Guess if I’d DP…. (Finally) Gina & Guess my sexual fantasy… (Hint: she might like to be the meat in a man – man sandwich) Yahoo’s top 10, top 10 selection staff and How F**king stupid they are!

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    09/03/2009 Duración: 03h31min

    Introducing: Gabriel Montoya of Guerrero V Jordan: The cut! How bad? Why stop? “Julian is right” per Andrew Lapachet….? Hell has frozen over! Ortiz V Arnaouitis: Ortiz KTFO Arnaouitis! Or Ortiz greased up Arnaouitis’s rear and ram-jammed him! (See “The wrestler”) “The mandigo Warrior” V “The Love Child”: Gay porn or straight porn? Kirkland V Julio: Kirkland TKO 6 Julio Glen Johnson “The Road Warrior” • Are you getting screwed in the Tarver V Dawson? • Are you a victim of politics? • Who will fight you? • Cable, the spotlight and forcing the hand of the players? • Daniel Judah wins last week… • Rematch with Dawson can’t happen, would you consider Hopkins? • Was it great to KO Roy Jones? • Who do you follow in boxing? • Who is the best pound for pound? • What did you think about Margaritio? • Is it the first time Margaritio did it? • More on Margarito? • Favorite fight City? • Only one more fight who would it be? • Fast five questions… • Will you be able to walk away? Next weeks fights and f