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Night-Light Radio is a forum for spiritual enlightenment, cosmic understanding and insight into those etheric realms that ever surround us. Host, Barbara DeLong and a wide variety of fastinating guests will be sharing with you spiritual information and philosophies that you can use to enlighten your lives and open you the creative sources you carry within. This venue allows me to reach out to greater numbers of you and to provide you with new insight and understanding to the times we are now experiencing. We will be covering everything from the mundane to the magical and will share all of these new paradigms with laughter and love.


  • Forgotten Civilization with Robert Schoch - Host Dr. Bob Hieronimus

    10/06/2021 Duración: 01h26min

    In this newly revised and expanded edition, updated throughout with recent developments, geologist Robert Schoch builds upon his revolutionary theory that the origins of the Sphinx date back much further than 2500 BCE and examines scientific evidence of the catastrophe that destroyed early high culture nearly 12,000 years ago.Combining evidence from multiple scientific disciplines, Schoch makes the case that the abrupt end of the last ice age, circa 9700 BCE, was due to an agitated Sun. Solar outbursts unleashed electrical/plasma discharges upon Earth, triggering dramatic climate change as well as increased earthquake and volcanic activity, fires, high radiation levels, and massive floods. Schoch explains how these events impacted the civilizations of the time, set humanity back thousands of years, and led to six millennia of a Solar-Induced Dark Age (SIDA). Applying the SIDA framework to ancient history, he explores how many megalithic monuments, petroglyphs, indigenous traditions, and legends fall logically

  • The Kintner Boy Resurfaces with Max Hawthorne - Host Mark Eddy

    09/06/2021 Duración: 01h58min

    Paleo-fiction mastermind, MAX HAWTHORNE, returns to discuss his latest publication, "Monsters and Marine Mysteries." Max's new book is a bit of a departure from his traditional marine dinosaur fiction but is nonetheless just as captivating. Have the captains' logs of yore been accurate descriptions of anomalous sea creatures, or did they grossly misidentify something? You may think this book includes a lot of information on the megalodon, but Max offers some juicey and unexpected predators. We'll be examining the fossil records and doing fish profiling. We will get into Max's environmental activism as well.ight-Light with Max Hawthorne

  • I Did It to Myself…Again! with Joanne DiMaggio

    08/06/2021 Duración: 01h59min

    What does it feel like to die? What does the afterlife look like? Who are the Council of Elders and how do they assist in planning your next life? Who are members of your soul family and what role did they play in your past lives as well as in your current life? What are the karmic issues and attributes you brought into this life? Using past-life regression to identify a significant former life, followed by an exploration of the afterlife to experience the pre-life planning session for this life, this book answers the most commonly asked questions about death and rebirth. Follow the karmic journey of 25 volunteers as they come to understand their soul’s purpose and their role in designing their present life. In thinking about your life, you will discover that you did, indeed, do it to yourself for the greatest reason of all—your soul’s growth.Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Joanne DiMaggio had a long career in marketing and public relations before pursuing a very successful freelance writing career. She

  • The Way of the Explorer with Edgar Mitchell - Host Dr. Zohara Hieronimus

    06/06/2021 Duración: 46min

    The Way of the Explorer, : An Apollo Astronaut's Journey Through the Material and Mystical Worlds In February 1971, as Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell hurtled Earthward through space, he was engulfed by a profound sense of universal connectedness. He intuitively sensed that his presence and that of the planet in the window were all part of a deliberate, universal process and that the glittering cosmos itself was in some way conscious. The experience was so overwhelming, Mitchell knew his life would never be the

  • The Homeopathic Revolution with Dana Ullman - Host Dr. Zohara Hieronimus

    05/06/2021 Duración: 46min

    What do Mark Twain, David Beckham, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Mother Teresa have in common? All have been enthusiastic fans of homeopathy, the alternative medical tradition that treats “like with like.” Homeopathy has an incredible history of support by many of the most respected people of the past 200 years, and modern science is finally catching up. In The Homeopathic Revolution, Dana Ullman blends vivid personal stories and quotes from these and other luminaries from a variety of eras and fields with a new definition of homeopathy as “nanopharmacology”–one that will help people, including skeptics, start to understand its value. After explaining why conventional medicine is inadequately scientific, why homeopathy makes sense and works, and why it is so threatening to conventional medicine and drug companies, Ullman lets legends like Coretta Scott King, Cindy Crawford, Bill Clinton, Vincent Van Gogh, and other practitioners weigh in on the subject. By writing about homeopathy’s heroes and telling their stori

  • Time Shifts - with Von Brachler and Host Dr Bob Hieronimus - 21st Century Radio

    04/06/2021 Duración: 01h26min

    A comprehensive examination of sudden, accidental “time slips”--shifting from ordinary reality into the past or futureEvery now and then somebody reports stepping out of normal time and space. It doesn’t seem to matter where they live or their background--the veil of ordinary reality drops and they suddenly slip into the past or future, usually seamlessly and unknowingly, experiencing a temporary and accidental form of time travel.Sharing detailed accounts from people who have experienced time slips and shifts between realities, including his own experiences, Von Braschler examines what their stories have in common to establish the pattern behind how these sudden slips in time occur. He examines criticisms of and scientific support for this phenomenon, debunking claims that time slips are delusions, implanted memories, or remembrances of past lives and showing that they may be related to energy vortices, tears in the fabric of our reality, black holes, astral travel, or light body movements. Studying reliable

  • Not of this World - Dr Mark Carlotto with host Dr. Bob Hieronimus

    03/06/2021 Duración: 01h26min

    Is Elon Musk’s vision of humankind becoming a multi-planetary species the next stage in human evolution? Are there aliens “out there” waiting to detect a warp signature or some other indication that we have reached an advanced stage of technological development and are ready to join them in a galactic federation as in Star Trek? Or is reality something completely different?The development of radio astronomy in the 1930s provided a means of searching for evidence of intelligent life beyond earth. After more than six decades, SETI has yet to detect an extraterrestrial signal of intelligent origin. Over this same period, thousands of UFO sightings were reported. Until recently, the lack of government transparency on UFOs has led many to believe in cover-ups and conspiracies to keep their existence from the public. This seemed to change with the official release of three videos by the US Navy in April 2020, confirming earlier unofficial reports of military pilots encountering unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

  • "God's First Creature" with Miguel Conner - host Mark Eddy

    02/06/2021 Duración: 01h20min

    Author and podcaster MIGUEL CONNER stops in to discuss hidden truths. We'll be focusing on the many ancient philosophies that radiate from the greater Holy Land region. A special emphasis will be on Gnosticism and the need to suppress its concepts. We'll segue into the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi texts. How did they influence authors like C. G. Jung, and why are the relevant to today? Moreover, is there a UFO connection? In a time when we desperately need clarity, we are glad to have Miguel join us for an unbiased explanation of these philosophies.Home - Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio (

  • Imagining the World into Existence with Normandi Ellis

    01/06/2021 Duración: 01h02min

    Reveals the secret language and words of power that enabled the ancient Egyptians to imagine the world into existenceDrawing from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the Pyramid texts, the Book of Thoth, and other sacred hieroglyphic writings spanning the three millennia of the Egyptian Mystery Traditions, Normandi Ellis reveals the magical language of creation and words of power that enabled the ancient Egyptians to act as co-creators with the gods.Examining the power of hieroglyphic thinking--how thoughts create reality--and the multiple meanings behind every word of power, the author shows how, with the Neteru, we imagine the world into existence, casting a spell of consciousness over the material world. Uncovering the deep layers of meaning and symbol within the myths of the Egyptian gods and goddesses, Ellis investigates the shamanic journeys that ancient Egyptian priests used to view the unconscious and the afterlife and shares their initiations for immaculate conception, transubstantiation, resurrection, an

  • Unlocking Human Potential with guest Laura Eisenhower

    29/05/2021 Duración: 01h02min

    What is our junk DNA and what does it really mean? What is global alchemy, what does it indicate and how do we navigate these challenging times from a place of empowerment.  What is this ascension window period we are in, what dos it mean in terms of our own awakening and remembrance of who we truly are and what we are capable of creating?Laura Eisenhower is a Global Alchemist, Researcher and Medical and Intuitive Astrologist.  She is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has presented her work worldwide. She is considered by many to be one of North Americas leading researchers on: Health, Exopolitics, Alchemy, Metaphysics, and Galactic History. Laura works to free us from the 3-D holographic time-loop, False Archonic systems and Military Industrial Complex and exposes hidden agendas so we can take our power back. Feeling a calling regarding her mission since she was a child, she has gained incredible insight through her wilderness adventures, psychic development and has been connecting major dots about ho

  • Spirituality on Neon Twilight with Solaris BlueRaven

    28/05/2021 Duración: 01h59min

    Solaris and Barbara explore what spirituality is and how we as individuals can find the portals within to the spiritual aspects that all carry and find that connection to the source and the wisdom that is available to us all.

  • What has been hidden from us with Mary Joyce

    27/05/2021 Duración: 01h10s

    Mary and Barbara cover material that has been hidden from us about life as we know it and how infformation is slowly leaking out into the public domaine.

  • The Yellow Submarine with Dr Robert R Hieronimus and Laura Cortner

    24/05/2021 Duración: 02h13s

    This book details the merry and wildly creative tribe who produced The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, that ground-breaking, one-of-a-kind visual adventure, first released in 1968.We get to know the formerly undiscovered artists and the technical wizardry behind some of the favorite scenes and discover some of the symbolic interpretations and subconscious messages of peace and love that have been inspired by this movie. In addition we get  in-studio hijinks by frustrated animators. This book lifts the veil of the animation screen to see behind The Beatles and detail that one magical year, during the Summer of Love in Swinging London, when a band of young artist-fans fell into the groove and brought their heroes to animated life.Robert R. Hieronimus, Ph.D., has been on a mission since 1968 to discover the hidden reality behind The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine. In 1969 He founded AUM, the first state-approved school of esoteric studies in the country. . He is interviewed frequently on the History Channel, Discovery, Na

  • Pitfalls of Gothic Doctors with TONYA and JOEY MADIA - host Mark Eddy

    19/05/2021 Duración: 01h58min

    Paranormal researchers TONYA and JOEY MADIA return to discuss their latest publication "Three Gothic Doctors and Their Sons." We'll be examining where the misguided brilliance of Drs. Frankenstein, Jekyll and Moreau brought about their downfalls and the consequences of their journals falling into a "student's" hands in the early part of the 20th Century. Not only are 20th Century standout, literary characters weaved into the story, but we are given historical foreshadows of elitist philosophies. No doubt, Tonya and Joey will discuss how they brought their paranormal research into the making of this spine tingling novel. Give us a listen from the safety under your covers, but you'll still get goosebumps.New Mystics

  • Beyond Esoteric: Escaping Prison Planet with Brad Olsen

    18/05/2021 Duración: 01h59min

    Nothing in this world works the way you think it does; there is always more to the story. Be aware that there is a war for your mind and your soul. Corporations have taken over governments in a new form of Fascism that now incorporates high technology and artificial intelligence. The survival of the human race may depend on breaking the Embargo of truth, and collectively developing an ÜberMind. But truth always resonates! Beyond Esoteric takes off the kids gloves, and exposes the control grid extending its tentacles across the planet. The word occult means nothing more than to study the realm of the hidden. So much of real knowledge and wisdom is disguised because the people who run the planet feel that true information of how the world works and how to manifest reality is something you do not need to know. Everything we think we know about the world and the universe in which we live, whatever we have been led to believe concerning the course of human history, could very well be completely wrong, distorted an

  • Virtual Vacation to the Southeastern Colonies with Brad Sanders - host Mark Eddy

    12/05/2021 Duración: 01h16min

    William Bartram scholar BRAD SANDERS leads us on a tour of Bartram's explorations of the south eastern colonies. This tour preceded Lewis and Clark's journey to the Pacific northwest by about 30 years. Bartram met many of the colonial govenors and wrote about plants for medical purposes and the wildlife and was welcomed into Native tribes. He was one of the first explorers to publish on the Creeks, Cherokee, Seminoles, Yuchi and more. Brad's magnificent book "Guide to William Bartram's Travels" is full of maps and historic places to visit aside from where Bartram stayed. If you like the variety of time periods our guests recreate each week, you'll love Brad's recreation of this overlooked, but very important, historical figure's legacy.Fevertree Press

  • Giants and Mounds with L.A. Marzulli - Host Mark Eddy

    11/05/2021 Duración: 58min

    Biblical scholar and researcher LA MARZULLI is making his debut with us and will enlighten us about his research on North American Giants. We will be examining evidence from his visits to many American archaeological sites. Particular emphasis will be placed on the Serpent Mound, Ft. Ancient's 66 gates and Cahokia's massive mound complex. Of course, we will delve into the cultural significance of the elongated skulls, the societal hierarchies and migrations. Why do the academics want us to not know our history? This will be a captivating discussion.

  • Precognitive Dreamwork and the Long Self with Eric Wargo

    11/05/2021 Duración: 02h05s

    Precognitive Dreamwork and the Long Self with Eric Wargo - A guide to dream precognition and its implications• Outlines a set of clear principles to help guide dreamworkers, illustrated through real precognitive dream experiences• Shows how to detect precognitive dreams through their characteristic features, explaining how dreams relate to memory and why dreams about future experiences are often symbolic or distorted• Explores the mind-blowing implications of precognition for our lives, including how our present thoughts actually shape--or shaped--our pastOnce only the stuff of science fiction, evidence has grown that precognition--glimpses of your future in dreams and visions and being influenced subtly in waking life by what is to come--is real. Your future thoughts and feelings shape who you are now. And your present thoughts and feelings shape--or shaped--your past.Eric Wargo shows how dreamworkers can play the role of citizen scientists, adding to our understanding of this fascinating, almost unexplored

  • Crossing the Crevasse with Wallace Wagner

    04/05/2021 Duración: 01h58min

    We are not alone.  We have never been alone since day 1.  The government feels we cannot handle the truth so it is locked down so tight that even the President cannot find out what’s really going on.  It’s on a limited “need to know” basis.  There are groups that are operating technically outside our elected government with access to the > $50B$ of unaccounted for Dept. of Defense monies.  The Bible is full of encounters.  History itself is full of encounters which continue to this day.W. Wallace Wagner Jr. received his BS degree from West Virginia University in 1981 and subsequently did graduate work at Marshall University and the University of Charleston. He gained a unique understanding of the Bible from 40 years of study, mostly self-taught. He has an interest in UFO-type craft in the Bible, prophecy, the Great Pyramid of Giza, disclosure, and legitimate crop circles. 

  • The Shaman's Mind with Jonathan Hammond

    01/05/2021 Duración: 01h58min

    To learn to think like a shaman is to attune yourself to a magical spectrum of infinite possibilities, unseen truths, alternative realities, and spiritual support. When a shaman likes what’s happening, they know how to make it better, and when they don’t, they know how to change it. The Shaman’s Mind is a book that teaches the reader how to align and transform their own mind into one that sees the world through the lens of the indigenous healers of old. Based on the Omega workshop by the same name.Jonathan Hammond is a Maui-based teacher, energy healer, shamanic practitioner, and spiritualcounselor. Before beginning his work in holistic health and spirituality, he had a career as an award-winning actor, appearing on Broadway and on television.A graduate of Harvard University and the University of Michigan, Jonathan is acertified Master Teacher in Shamanic Reiki, Usui, and Karuna Reiki, and the advanced graduate studies advisor for Shamanic Reiki Worldwide. He teaches classes in Shamanism, energy healing, spir

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