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Welcome to one and only stand up paddle surfing radio show! This radio show is being broadcast worldwide so you can get your fill of stand up paddle stoke 24/7. Whether it's fin talk, board talk , technique, event reports, or simply reflections on killer sessions, We're keeping it real and delivering the goods. Contact us at or visit us online at


  • Battle of the Paddle Winner Chuck Patterson is Back!


    Chuck Patterson Photo: Tim Ditty     Winner of the Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle, stand up paddle race champion and surfer, Chuck Patterson is back on the show! After much tribulation,  Nate Burgoyne and Bill Ward finally track him down on the secret Chuck Phone. With specialized equipment by Hobie and Kialoa, Patterson has been dominating the flat water race scene in California and is charging the really big waves.       Featured in this show: How Chuck trained for the Battle of the Paddle. . . his choice of equipment for the right conditions. . . the Battle of the Paddle itself. . . the tube riding event in Puerto Escondido. . . his reflections on the sport. . . and more! 

  • Dave Chun of Kialoa Paddles Lays it Down


    Our special guest on today's show is Dave Chun, founder of Kialoa paddles. Coming from an outrigger canoeing background, Dave has been building paddles for almost two decades and really knows his stuff. In this interview Dave lays it down for stand up paddle surfers on blade size, shaft stiffness and flex, dihedrals, various paddle constructions, paddle length and proper stroke.     We've crossed paths with Dave and his wife Meg several times over the years and they are both overflowing with knowledge about things you didn't even know you didn't know. He's always innovating and the brainstorms never end for Dave. In fact, after the interview, Dave kept saying "Oh! I should have said something else!" He loves his work, it's always on his mind and he's stoking out a lot of people with great equipment.     Enjoy the interview (39 min.) and check out the Kialoa lineup at 

  • Interview with Gerry Lopez and Barrett Tester on SUP and Battle of the Paddle


    The Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle with a $25,000 prize purse is just around the corner and in this Pure Stoke Radio session Mr. Pipeline himself Gerry Lopez and event organizer Barrett Tester discuss the event, it's conception, and the excitment of this benchmark contest. Also, Gerry talks about the early days of stand up paddling, his experience with stand up paddling, his view of the future of the sport and a message for paddlers worldwide.   For more information on Battle of the Paddle visit 

  • Radio Guest: The Legendary Mickey Munoz - Big Wave Pioneer, Shaper, Stand Up Paddle Surfer


    Our guest on today's Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine Pure Stoke Radio session is surf legend and big wave pioneer Mickey Munoz. Born in 1937, Munoz was one of the original crew to first charge Waimea Bay in 1957 and is still charging hard to this day. He has been a key player in the advancement of stand up paddle surfing from the beginning and had been a driving influence for many premier stand up paddle board shapers of today. Mickey honed his skills at breaks like Malibu, Rincon and Trestles in the 50's and 60's. He invented the famous move called the "Quasimodo' and has been featured in surfing movies and magazines for the last 40+ years. At 71 years his is one of our most beloved figures and is still every bit as stoked on surfing, and now stand up paddle surfing, as any kid. He is one of the most approachable and friendly surfers you'll ever meet.     In this interview, Munoz talks about what he loves most about stand up paddle surfing, board design, the future or the sports and advice for those just

  • Exclusive Interview: Hobie Stand Up Paddle Rider Chuck Patterson Talks Big Wave SUP


    Hobie big wave stand up paddle surfer Chuck Patterson Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine's Nate Burgoyne talk about the Chuck's new sup board lineup, big wave stand up paddling, and how the big wave tow-in surfers are embracing the sport. Chucky P. is pushing the limits and set on getting barrelled big time this winter. Watch for the new quiver at . More radio at .

  • Downwind and Flat Water Stand Up Paddleboard Racing


    Bill was on the boat at the Hennessey's Molokai - Oahu stand up paddle race and Nate was competing in a stand up paddle race in Califorinia. This Pure Stoke Radio session is all about downwind and flat water racing. Enjoy!

  • RADIO GUEST: (PART 2 OF 2) Frank Forbes of Lightning Bolt Maui Talking Stand Up Paddle Surfing


    PART 2 OF 2: (19 min.) Lightning Bolt Maui's very own Frank Forbes is our guest today. Stand up paddle surfing has the LBM crew super stoked and Frank is sharing the vibe in this sesssion. Started back in the early 70s by Gerry Lopez and Jack Shipley, Lightning Bolt Maui has a rich tradition that continues to this day. Check in with the Lightning Bolt Maui stand up paddle surf crew at Be sure to check out Part One.

  • RADIO GUEST: (PART 1 OF 2) Frank Forbes of Lightning Bolt Maui Talking Stand Up Paddle Surfing


    PART 1 OF 2: (20 min.) Lightning Bolt Maui's very own Frank Forbes is our guest today. Stand up paddle surfing has the LBM crew super stoked and Frank is sharing the vibe in this sesssion. Started back in the early 70s by Gerry Lopez and Jack Shipley, Lightning Bolt Maui has a rich tradition that continues to this day. Check in with the Lightning Bolt Maui stand up paddle surf crew at

  • RADIO: Chopu, British SUPA Contest, Hawaii News and Demo Days


    The stand up paddle adventures continue with another Pure Stoke Radio session with Nate and Bill. Get Bill's review of the latest ASP world tour Chopu event, check in with Nate for the scoop on the the British Stand Up Paddle Association's (BSUPA) most recent event. We're also digging up memories of bare bones surf trips in England and a look forward to a killer Surf n Sea demo day weekend this Memorial Day.

  • ASP Tour, Local SUP Contest Updates, Props and Respect


    In this Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine Pure Stoke Radio session, get the latest ASP tour update, a review of the Steinlager contest at Sunset Beach, a look forward to the Kakaako Steinlager event, and finally shout outs to the surfers who are bringing quiet dignity to the sport. Listen in, open the player in a popup window, or download the MP3.

  • Candice Appleby Interview at The Buffalo Feb 2008


    This Pure Stoke Radio session features the audio portion of the interview with stand up paddle surfer Candice Appleby. She's winning contests, feeling the stoke, and sharing the love.

  • Getting Caught Inside and What to Do With the Paddle


    In this session of Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine Pure Stoke Radio, after a quick review of some ASP news, Nate and Bill discuss getting caught inside and what to do with the paddle.

  • Local Stand Up Paddle News, ASP Update, Injuries, and Impact Vests


    Bill's been out for the count with bruised ribs so injuries have been on the mind. In this sesson Nate and Bill talk about injuries and how to avoid them. They also give a quick review about impact vests. Hear Nate tell about getting face whacked by his own paddle and wishing someone got it on film. Also, some of the latest news from the ASP tour and upcoming local events.

  • The Ku Ikaika Challenge Event Review


    Bill and Nate had a blast at the Ku Ikaika! The vibe was outstanding. It was good times all day with plenty or rockem' sockem' wave action a load of surprises. In this session, Bill and Nate talk about the event, sponsors, competitors, the location, the winning boards, fins, and more...

  • Bill and The 2008 Buffalo Big Board Classic


    The 2008 Buffalo Big Board Classic has come and gone, and Assc. Editor Bill Ward entered the Stand Up Paddle division making it all the way through to the semi-finals. Contrats to Bill! In this session, Nate and Bill talke about this classic event, the vibe, the tricks, and Bills adventure entering the contest...late entry, lost fin, and more... Tune in and check it out.

  • Pancho and Pipe, Ku Ikaika Big Wave Contest, Stand Up Paddle Fin Talk


    The surpise ending to the latest contest at Pipe really shows the true spirit of surfing. Congrats to Pancho Sullivan. Looking forward to the Ku Ikaika Big Wave Stand Up Padding Contest on Mon/Tues sponsored by C4 Waterman and Red Bull. Also, discussion about stand up paddle fins. Nate and Bill talk about their experience with various fin setups and positions.

  • Pipe Report, Today's Session, and Your First Waves


    Nate and Bill talk story about the 2008 Monster Energy Pro at Pipeline, today's stand up paddle surf session, and looking for your first waves.

  • Getting Your First Stand Up Paddle Surfboard


    In this radio session Nate and Bill share some insights into how to go about getting you first stand up paddle surfboard and what to look for.

  • The First Session


    This is the first of many, many, Pure Stoke Radio Sessions that are on the way. In this session SUPSURFMAG.COM Associate Editor, Bill Ward and Editor, Nate Burgoyne introduce the program touch on a variety of topics.

  • The Glory Jump and the Lost Paddle


    Bill lost his carbon fiber beauty on a glory jump off the lip. He's doing alright and we're getting the details in this session of Pure Stoke Radio.