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Just two dudes - Kyle and Jordan, hanging out talking sports, pop-culture and laughing at how amateur/awesome we are. Just're welcome!


  • Sports on Tap NW - 35 - The OG crew is BACK! Fantasy Recap/NFL/Rapid Fire and more!

    17/09/2020 Duración: 01h25min

    The original Sports on Tap NW crew is back! Matt and Kyle review their live fantasy draft 30min after it happened, make their NFL predictions (yes, this was recorded prior to week 1) and channel Jordan's rapid fire questions! Oh yeah...and if COVID, social unrest, and fires have made you forget...the KC Chiefs are SUPER BOWL CHAMPS BABY!!!! But seriously...we hope everyone is staying healthy and safe out there. Hopefully we take your mind off of all this craziness going around us for an hour or so :) You're Welcome ;)

  • Sports on Tap NW - 33 - Fantasy Draft Recap/NFL Picks/RAPID FIRE & more...

    24/09/2018 Duración: 59min

    I know this is posted 3 weeks late (recorded on 9/4/18) but we are BACK with our annual FootBALL & Chain Post Draft wrap up podcast! We cover everything from our live fantasy draft, NFL picks, Patrick Mahomes, Nacho Fries, Rapid Fire questioning from Jordan and so much more!!! We have 4....yes 4 guys on the mic for an epic, and very chaotic, hour of topics. Let the air horns guide you to podcast bliss....YOU'RE WELCOME!

  • SonTNW - Ep. 30 - Fantasy Draft/NFL Preview (3 Amigos Edition)

    15/09/2015 Duración: 01h22min

    The 3 amigos are back and it is GLORIOUS. Kyle, Jordan and Matt Garl come together once again for a monster NFL Preview and live Fantasy Draft recap where nothing is off limits! Where Candy Bar vodka, Dikembe Mutombo, rapid fire, fantasy sabotage, picks and randomness reign in the new NFL season. Enjoy...You're Welcome!

  • Episode 29 - Brad Evans (YAHOO Fantasy Sports) Interview

    14/08/2015 Duración: 44min

    Brad Evans of Yahoo Fantasy Sports joins us previewing the 2015 FFL season. Topics include FFL, fine tequilas, 80's movies, man crushing, crazy scenarios and the best job on the's his job. MUST LISTEN - You're Welcome!

  • Episode 28 - Zane Lamprey Interview

    29/07/2015 Duración: 54min

    Who wouldn't want to drink for a living!? The man, the myth, the legend Zane Lamprey of the popular drinking shows Three Sheets, Drinking Made Easy and Chug shares the podcast stage with us as we interview him and cover everything from his new Monkey Rum company to IKEA desks to Channing's Taint'um?...wait...Tatum Channing? Whatever...just listen...You're Welcome! LIKE us on Facebook - Subscribe on iTunes -

  • Episode 14 -'s Pop Culture on Tap!

    12/09/2013 Duración: 30min

    As Missy Misdemeanor Elliott once said....REEEEEEEEMMMIIIIIX! This podcast will be different but still just as fun to listen to. This is the first official Pop Culture on Tap podcast and Jordan is back with his crazy antics and Rapid Fire delivery. From HBO's Hard Knocks, the VMA's, to The Challenge we cover some of the stuff we are enjoying in the world as of late. RAPID FIRE questioning is back and don't forget about our Man Crush winners. WEEESTSIIIIDE!

  • Episode 13 - I'M BAAAAACK and so is football!!!

    30/08/2013 Duración: 57min

    Guess who's back? Back again...Kyle's back...tell a friend! I know it's been awhile but Sports on Tap NW returns with special guest host Jordan Curtis and we preview everything from the NFL season, Pac12, KC Chiefs, Blazers to pop culture. Shout out to my Ghana listeners and everyone else enjoying these podcasts. Prepare for more drinks, more laughing, more man crushing and for the CAN'T MISS new segment of RAPID FIRE! This is Part 1 so tune in next week for Part 2 with more fun and laughs. You're welcome!

  • Episode 12 - Huey Lewis brings Matt Garl Back!

    15/11/2012 Duración: 37min

    That's of the original hosts is coming back to guest host and we are doing it to the sounds of Huey Lewis and the News. Questionable french accidents, (BLEEP) the harsh reality of the Beavers, Ducks, Chiefs and Broncos. (BLEEP), Tebow in the news?...NOOOOO. "The Power of..." the man crush doo-wops us home for the week. YOU'RE WELCOME!

  • Episode 9 - Black and Orange VAZtastic Voyage!

    17/10/2012 Duración: 44min

    Black and orange black and orange black and orange! Bringing you the next podcast with special guest host JJ Hasty and we go along on a VAZtastic Voyage together. We argue Beavers/Ducks, the BCS, NFL picks, Fantasy 'Crushes and Flushes' and JJ's questionable taste in a rump shaking Man Crush of the Week. Let the arguing and randomness reign!

  • Episode 7 - The Voice of Reason is BACK!

    04/10/2012 Duración: 44min

    It's the "Next Episode" and she's back ladies and gents...for the whole show! We talk Beavers, NFL week review and preview, HOF announcers, Pete Carrol's boyish antics, the real refs return, the ever so quiet return of the Blazers, Fantasy football 'Crushes and Flushes' and we pay homage to Maxwell and Love and Basketball to our MCOTW. Enjoy until "The Next Episode!"

  • Episode 4 - NCAAF/NFL Previews, Picks and...Color Me Badd?

    04/09/2012 Duración: 53min

    NCAAF/NFL Previews and picks, nice wine in baby cups, too much Broncos love, Fantasy Football Tips, Color Me Badd...yes that Color Me Badd, wanting to sex up our MCOTW and of course the Voice of Reason...YOU"RE WELCOME!

  • Episode 3 - Hating Replacement Refs and Loving Jim Nantz!

    23/08/2012 Duración: 39min

    Bulls theme song, Portlandish hipster attitudes, Carpel Cunnel Syndrome, Matt Cassel VS. Cheeseburgers, JIM NANTZ, "phallic" haircuts, refs, chicked out acoustic music, Ryan Reynolds, and of course the Voice of Reason!

  • Episode 1 - Welcome to Sports on Tap!

    23/08/2012 Duración: 36min

    2nd first run...for the second time...after the test run. Still amateurs! Everything from the first NFL preseason game, fantasy football implications, the awesomeness of a new American passion...HANDBALL (and other Olympic sports), Tim Tebow, and a little thing called Man Crush of the Week. BOOM!

  • Episode 2 - The Voice of Reason

    17/08/2012 Duración: 40min

    More NFL preseason chatter, wheezing, headbutts, sanctions, Beavers predictions, more wheezing, the ashes of an NBA legend, attractive Mexican goalies, and of course, the much anticipated debut of THE VOICE OF REASON!! Life is good. The Beavers and our production skillz...are not. (Sip if you hear Phillip Rivers, RAAAIIDERS, terrible segues, or questionable 90's songs)