Something To Think About W/ Dan O'connor

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If you're struggling dealing with difficult people or polishing your effective communication skills, let Dan O'Connor, communication trainer, keynote speaker, and Energy Vampire Slayer help you. Today's episode references the boy we all thought was trapped in the balloon.
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  • I am In Charge of Every Relationship in My Life

    27/01/2010 Duración: 05min
  • Swine Attitude is the Real Problem, not Swine Flu

    19/01/2010 Duración: 05min
  • Ask not what to DO, but who to BE

    30/12/2009 Duración: 04min
  • Betting Against the Odds

    23/12/2009 Duración: 07min
  • I Do Not Perceive My Own Best Interests

    21/12/2009 Duración: 05min
  • Your Words Can Shatter Glass--And People

    30/11/2009 Duración: 09min
  • Don't Let Facts Distract You From Truth

    19/11/2009 Duración: 06min
  • Happiness is NOT a Chioce

    16/11/2009 Duración: 04min
  • Sacrifice Shmacrifice

    16/11/2009 Duración: 05min
  • I Am Here About My Father's Business

    12/11/2009 Duración: 07min
  • You CAN Defy Gravity

    10/11/2009 Duración: 03min
  • I Don't Use Words of Death

    10/11/2009 Duración: 03min
  • You Can't Place This in God's Hands

    08/11/2009 Duración: 03min
  • Invisible People

    06/11/2009 Duración: 02min
  • My Ability To Forgive Empowers Me

    06/11/2009 Duración: 08min
  • I Forive You out of Self-Interest

    05/11/2009 Duración: 07min
  • For More Beautiful Lips, Speak More Beautiful Words

    04/11/2009 Duración: 04min
  • In My Defenselessness My Safety Lies

    03/11/2009 Duración: 05min
  • I Am Not Here to Conform

    29/10/2009 Duración: 04min
  • I'm a Liar and a Cheater

    28/10/2009 Duración: 04min
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