Beautiful Criminals: A Novel

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For fans of the Spellman Files comes an irreverent family drama about love, crime, and the ties that bind as three generations of women attempt to go straight…or not.

When Amanda Cooper steps foot out of jail, she’s determined to never go back. Two years behind bars means she’s missed her daughter, Taylor, turning into a teenager, and she doesn’t want to lose another moment with her. But as a convicted con artist, Amanda has few options for getting out of Los Angeles and securing her dream life: predictable, boring, and bordered by a white picket fence. The trouble is Amanda’s not the only one with a con. At every step of the way, someone is trying to pull her back into the game.

In her first attempt to go straight, Amanda takes a dead end retail job. But she soon discovers that her boss, Russ, is stealing from his employers by the truckload—and wants Amanda in on his crooked plan. Then Amanda gets roped in by FBI Agent Stevens, who reveals another startling truth: Amanda’s mom, Joyce, and her lover, Bruce, are involved in a scheme that smuggles military arms to a cartel. If Amanda can get the FBI agent the information he needs, Joyce will get off scot-free…but if she doesn’t, they’ll all go to the cooler.

As Amanda maneuvers and manipulates her way towards some semblance of freedom, she can only win the game by changing the rules. But along the way she takes her eyes off the prize: Taylor. Given her family history, Taylor can’t help but get into her own brand of trouble. Just as Amanda’s new life is within reach, she realizes that her final gamble might mean losing everything.


  • BeautifulCriminals 01 Title

    Duración: 19s
  • BeautifulCriminals 02 Ch1

    Duración: 27min
  • BeautifulCriminals 03 Ch2

    Duración: 21min
  • BeautifulCriminals 04 Ch3

    Duración: 12min
  • BeautifulCriminals 05 Ch4

    Duración: 17min
  • BeautifulCriminals 06 Ch5

    Duración: 17min
  • BeautifulCriminals 07 Ch6

    Duración: 19min
  • BeautifulCriminals 08 Ch7

    Duración: 15min
  • BeautifulCriminals 09 Ch8

    Duración: 20min
  • BeautifulCriminals 10 Ch9

    Duración: 17min
  • BeautifulCriminals 11 Ch10

    Duración: 09min
  • BeautifulCriminals 12 Ch11

    Duración: 18min
  • BeautifulCriminals 13 Ch12

    Duración: 15min
  • BeautifulCriminals 14 Ch13

    Duración: 18min
  • BeautifulCriminals 15 Ch14

    Duración: 11min
  • BeautifulCriminals 16 Ch15

    Duración: 07min
  • BeautifulCriminals 17 Ch16

    Duración: 13min
  • BeautifulCriminals 18 Ch17

    Duración: 14min
  • BeautifulCriminals 19 Ch18

    Duración: 12min
  • BeautifulCriminals 20 Ch19

    Duración: 14min
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