Night-Light Radio is a forum for spiritual enlightenment, cosmic understanding and insight into those etheric realms that ever surround us. Host, Barbara DeLong and a wide variety of fastinating guests will be sharing with you spiritual information and philosophies that you can use to enlighten your lives and open you the creative sources you carry within. This venue allows me to reach out to greater numbers of you and to provide you with new insight and understanding to the times we are now experiencing. We will be covering everything from the mundane to the magical and will share all of these new paradigms with laughter and love.


  • Night-Light with Corrine De Winter

    Night-Light with Corrine De Winter

    10/05/2016 Duración: 01h56min

    Corrine De Winter who is an award winning poet and author of several books, her most recent is “A Sensitive Souls Guide to Waking Up”. She has won the Stoker Award for “The Women at the Funeral” and several other of her books have been nominated for the same award. She studied the paranormal with renowned ghost hunters Ed & Lorraine Warren while in her teens and continues to investigate haunted spots wherever she travels A naturalist and philanthropist, she works toward peace and harmony by lending her expertise toward human and animal causes across America in the form of public speeches and writing. One of her websites features the famous purple plates which were inspired by the work of Nikola Tesla. Tesla understood that the cosmic symphony is resonance. Nothing exists in the Universe that does not have harmonic vibration. In realizing this Tesla influenced the production of personal oscillators that vibrate in tune with “the luminiferous ether. The plates create a positive energy field around the

  • Future predictions and past hits with Mark Snider

    Future predictions and past hits with Mark Snider

    08/05/2016 Duración: 01h51min

    Barbara and Mark Snider explore more of the predictions from the Billy Meire material. From 1958 to the 1980’s to 2009 the material is insightful and prophetic and well worth investigating. The insight to the past and the implications for the future are profound and the validity speaks to information that is worth considering and applying to our lives. Often truth comes through from unexpected sources and we hear it when we are ready. Listen, ponder and embrace what works for you.

  • Night-Light with Jim Vieria

    Night-Light with Jim Vieria

    03/05/2016 Duración: 01h55min

    Author Jim Vieira who along with co-author Hugh Newman has written a new book, Giants on Record: America’s Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian Files. He is a stonemason, researcher and writer. As well as exploring and writing about the stone sites of New England, he has collated over 1,500 newspapers and scholarly accounts of giant skeletons being found in North America and around the world. He has written for Ancient American magazines, the Heretic (UK) and local Massachusetts newspapers. In 2012 he created the online blog, The Daily Giant, which showcased a giant report every day for nearly two years. He is the star of the History Channel TV shows, Search for the Lost Giants (2014) and Roanoke: Search for the Lost Colony (2015) with his brother Bill. He lives in Ashfield Massachusetts.

  • Night-Light with Gloria Amendola

    Night-Light with Gloria Amendola

    26/04/2016 Duración: 01h54min

    Gloria Amendola is an author and intuitive with a passion for esoteric knowledge and dream language. She likes to find the truth of things hidden beneath the surface. She travels internationally and speaks to audiences about the Holy Grail Mysteries and their connection to the secret destiny of America Her travels have brought her to sacred sites worldwide to experience these powerful landscape temples firsthand. And they have changed her - from the inside out! She is a modern day Templar in the OSMTH Order. Her commandery is in Rennes le Chateau, France. Which is dedicated to Marie Madeleine, She follows in the footsteps of the enigmatic Essenes and Knights Templar, walking where they walked, gathering impressions from the traces they left behind. Gloria has learned that where they walked, so too did the ancients. Initiates of the Mysteries have gathered in these sacred sites worldwide for many reasons, reasons we are just beginning to understand. They left us an extraordinary legacy, one that could b

  • James Luse takes a peek at the future

    James Luse takes a peek at the future

    19/04/2016 Duración: 01h56min

    James Luse joins Barbara to give callers a hint of what is to come for them, join us for the fun and insight.

  • Night-Light with Brad Olsen

    Night-Light with Brad Olsen

    12/04/2016 Duración: 01h56min

    Brad Olsen Author of the Esoteric series joins Night-Light tonight to help awaken those areas within that have become dormant over time. This series examines the flaws in modern history and looks at how conspiracy theories, esoteric knowledge, and fringe subjects can be used to help change the dead-end course humanity seems to be following. He explores the long and storied “alternative narrative” of life on this planet as well as how Big Brother is here in the form of the New World Order, and how they keep the knowledge of humankind’s true nature from the mass population. Finally he looks at all the ways humans are evolving to achieve their full potential.

  • Night-Light with guest Rev. Michael Carter

    Night-Light with guest Rev. Michael Carter

    05/04/2016 Duración: 01h56min

    The Spiritual Pathway, What is it, What are the building blocks that create it, and how do we embrace them and apply them to our realities? Join Barbara and Michael Carter as they explore these questions and provide some “How to” advice to get you started or to expand your understanding of the pathway you are upon. We’ll also be talking about his two newest books, The Metaphysics of Spiritual Healing and the Power of Affirmative Prayer and God Consciousness: A 30 Day Journey to Achieve God-centered Thinking. Wonderful tools to help you advance on your spiritual journeys The Metaphysics of Spiritual Healing and the Power of Affirmative Prayer Can Prayer Truly Heal Body and Soul? In The Metaphysics of Spiritual Healing and the Power of Affirmative Prayer, Reverend Carter continues to focus on the God-Power that resides in each and every one of us. Acknowledging that traditional Christianity teaches that we are indeed separate from our Creator or Source, Reverend Carter emphasizes that we ca

  • Night-Light-RobertSullivan


    29/03/2016 Duración: 01h57min

    Night-Light welcomes back author Robert Sullivan who guides us through the hidden mysteries of his first two books, plus tantalizing samples of his next two books which are soon to be released. Cinema Symbolism: A Guide to Esoteric Imagery in Popular Movies answers these questions; it is about occult, numerological, astrological, mythological, alchemical, Tarot, and kabbalistic iconography and symbolism contained within popular movies. The Royal Arch of Enoch: The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy, and Symbolism, documents an undiscovered historical anomaly: how a high degree Masonic Ritual - developed in France in the mid-1700s - included elements of the Book of Enoch which was considered lost until Freemason and traveler James Bruce returned to Europe with copies from Ethiopia in 1773.

  • Night-Light-CindyJordon


    22/03/2016 Duración: 01h56min

    Cynthia Jordan channels that music for those who call in and plays it for us all on air. She is a well-known entertainer, composer, musician and author who shares her gifts with us tonight for a very special show. The music touches us all and reminds us of the cosmic harmony we all have within us and the magic it can weave within our realities if we but open to it. Cynthia Jordan Bio Cynthia began her career in music when in 1983 her song Jose Cuervo became the number one song of the year. For 12 years, Cynthia studied classical piano with concert pianist Doctor Nino Albanese. In 1984, after her success with Jose Cuervo, Cynthia moved to East Texas where she founded Kids for Kids, a Christian music ministry for children. In 1997 she moved to Nashville where she signed a record contract to compose and produce 11 CDs of Ambient Piano Music for Page Music. Cynthia has had over 4 million downloads of her music on the internet. Today her music can be heard on the popular cable radio

  • Night-Light with Rev Michael Carter

    Night-Light with Rev Michael Carter

    15/03/2016 Duración: 01h55min

    Night-Light welcomes back Rev. Michael Carter author of ,Alien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials In The Holy Bible, A New World If You Can Take It: God, Extraterrestrials, and the Evolution of Human Consciousness, The Metaphysics of Spiritual Healing and the Power of Affirmative Prayer and. God Consciousness: A 30 Day Journey to Achieve God-centered Thinking Tonight we talk about UFO’s in the Bible and the influence they have had on the awakening of the consciousness of humanity as well as the shift of focus for new enlightened philosophies that go beyond traditional religions into the new paradigms that call to us from the future. Michael has written articles on UFOs and Religion for such publications as UFO Magazine, Alien Encounters (A British Publication), The MUFON UFO Journal, Contact Forum, The S.P.A.C.E. Newsletter a UFO support group in New York City. He has spoken at UFO Conferences such as the 2nd Philadelphia, Need To Know Conference, The Annual Long Island UFO Conference with Budd Hopkins, as well

  • Night-Light - Past Lives with Guest James Luse

    Night-Light - Past Lives with Guest James Luse

    08/03/2016 Duración: 01h56min

    Barbara and James Luse share philosophies on past lives and how they relate to the current lifetime. How gifts and experiences of the past can give greater insight and wisdom to the hear and now. Past situations often lend greater insight into the current flow of life and can add a greater vibrancy to the quality of life. Past lives were given to many who call into the show for greater illumination to their pathways.

  • Night-Light Love and personal Passions

    Night-Light Love and personal Passions

    29/02/2016 Duración: 01h57min

    Tonight we focused on the meaning of love and how to attract a relationship. How we must love ourselves before we have anything to share with others. Also did several personal readings for those who called in.

  • Night-Light Joins Revolution Radio at

    Night-Light Joins Revolution Radio at

    22/02/2016 Duración: 01h55min

    Night-Lights first show on this station. Host Barbara DeLong does a round Table with herself about the aspects that create the facets of our realities. Several call ins for readings added enlightenment, wisdom and insight.

  • Night-Light with Guest Mark Snider

    Night-Light with Guest Mark Snider

    17/02/2016 Duración: 02h02min

    Night-Light welcomes back Mark Snyder, host of Ohio Exopolitics. Besides being a gifted show host and very talented musician Mark is what I consider an expert on the Billy Meier material. For those not familiar with Billy this show should be an enlightening experience for he presents a body of information about extraterrestrials that is profound and well worth investigating. "Billy" Eduard Albert Meier is a Swiss citizen who is the source of many photographs of UFO’s which he presents in support of his claim that he is in contact with extraterrestrial beings. In addition, he has also presented other material during the 1970s such as metal samples, sound recordings and film-footage. Meier reports regular contacts with extraterrestrials he calls the Plejaren. Meier claims that the Plejaren look similar in appearance to humans, that the Plejaren home world is called Erra, and that is located in a dimension which is a fraction of a second shifted from our own dimension, about 80 light years beyond the Pleiades,

  • Predictions for 2016 with Lynn Buess and Barbara DeLong

    Predictions for 2016 with Lynn Buess and Barbara DeLong

    05/02/2016 Duración: 02h01min

    Lynn Buess And Barbara give their predictions for 2016 and compare notes on what is coming according to the stars and the numbers. Below is a bit of where Lynn is coming from. Perhaps you have read a little about numerology and wondered just how it manages to reveal so much. If you have been looking for more information to take you beyond the elementary texts and teachings of numbers, you have come to the right place. By choosing the study of this symbolic matrix, you have chosen a path that can take you into the most sublime heights and penetrating depths of human consciousness and beyond. Do you want to know a secret? Many of them can be revealed as you weave your way through a multidimensional journey of symbolic delight that numerology presents. Lynn Buess, MA, EdS, has served more than one half of a century studying, teaching, and counseling in the field of symbols, cycles, and numbers. Lynn is well qualified to be the one to outline this journey and help show you the way. He is the only practicing prof

  • The Phoenox Lights with Guest Dr Lynne Kitei,M.D.

    The Phoenox Lights with Guest Dr Lynne Kitei,M.D.

    26/01/2016 Duración: 02h03min

    On March 13, 1997 something extra-ordinary happened in the skies over Phoenix and across Arizona. On that clear evening a parade of low flying, mile wide V-shaped formations of orbs and craft glided silently overhead, attracting the attention of at least 10,000 people. This is the detailed account of that evening and the ensuing cover up of what is now being hailed as the largest mass sighting of UFOs in modern times but there is much more to the story. By following the journey of a respected medical professional, who moved from skepticism to belief while meticulously investigating the topic for 19 years since the event, the reader takes a wide-ranging tour of UFO history, from primitive cave paintings to 21st century reports. Extensive image analysis combined with the testimony of a variety of well-known figures, including past presidents and astronauts, such as Dr. Edgar Mitchell, make a compelling case that these anomalous phenomena have been visiting us for millennia. This revised and expanded version of

  • Who the Heck Was Shakespeare?

    Who the Heck Was Shakespeare?

    29/07/2015 Duración: 02h01min

    It has long been a debate as to the real identity of the man known as Shakespeare. James Luse and Barbara take on this question. James is a polished Shakespearian actor as well as teacher, he brings his talents and wisdom to the table. Not to mention he is also one of the most informed mediums in the area. Barbara brings enough knowledge to get into trouble and together they pour over several of the theories connected to this subject.

  • Robert Sullivan IV Esq author of The Arch of Enoch

    Robert Sullivan IV Esq author of The Arch of Enoch

    10/01/2015 Duración: 02h01min

    Robert Sullivan IV joins Night-Light to share his wisdom and insight on The Royal Arch of Enoch, his newest book. This is going to be a very interesting show and levels and understandings of Free masonry will be explored. HIs book is a must read for anyone wanting to understand the deeper meanings of symbols and philosophy behind this amazing organization. The Royal Arch of Enoch: The Impact of Masonic Ritual, Philosophy, and Symbolism (2012) was his first published work being the product of twenty years of research. In 2014 Sullivan published his second book, Cinema Symbolism: A Guide to Esoteric Imagery in Popular Movies. He is currently writing its sequel titled Cinema Symbolism II: More Esoteric Imagery from Popular Movies as well as his first work of fiction, A Pact with the Devil: The Story of Elizabeth Burnblack and her Involvement with the Occult, Black Magic, and the Dark Arts. Sullivan is also outlining another book on Masonry titled Freemasonry and the Path to Babylon: A Compendium of Esoterica,

  • Night-Light with Fritz Zimmerman

    Night-Light with Fritz Zimmerman

    28/09/2014 Duración: 01h14min

    It is truely an honor to have author Fritz Zimmernam with us tonight, he writes and speaks to topics that really resonate with me and my spirit. Independent researcher, author and antiquities preservationist Fritz Zimmerman, B.A. presents 10 years of research in his two-volume work, The Nephilim Chronicles. It is the most complete reporting of ALL of the giant skeletons unearthed throughout the ages from across the globe. The Nephilim Chronicles: Fallen Angels in the Ohio Valley (Volume I) trails the origins of the “Bedrock Race”, debunking Beringia, providing undeniable evidence and outlining – completely – the Nephilim’s migration across the globe, as chronicled by mounds and earthworks they built and symbolism they used. Those seeking factual, historical data on information such as: who really built Stonehenge, and many other earthworks throughout the world most complete list of giant skeletons and artifacts – none have chronicled this many origins of New Age beliefs – how pre-Native American

  • The Cosmology of Numerology With Lynn Buess

    The Cosmology of Numerology With Lynn Buess

    31/07/2014 Duración: 02h01min

    Lynn has been teaching the cosmology of numerology for nearly thirty years. Where does numerology come from? When did it start? Don’t just get answers; experience the answers! On this show he will present it for the first time as a non visual experience. Get ready to travel the universe of numbers right from the beginning, and into your own heart. Let the numbers take on an entirely new living meaning in your life.

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