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Ask Wendy


Go ahead . . . ask her anything

Over the radio and now on her popular TV talk show, Wendy Williams has always been approached for her blunt, in-your-face words of advice. How's she doin'? "Ask Wendy" has become more than just a fan-favorite TV segment; it's her calling card. Wendy has helped her viewers cope with everything from backstabbing girlfriends and deadbeat boyfriends to crazy mothers-in-law and jealous coworkers. Fans trust Wendy, even when her advice is tough to hear. She's earned her reputation as "the friend in your head."

On TV Wendy only has a few minutes to respond to each audience member, but in Ask Wendy she goes deeper, answering questions sourced from viewers across the country. No question is off-limits and no situation is too outrageous for her to take on. Wendy shoots straight from those womanly hips of hers to help you manage all the crazy that comes into your life— keepin' it real by drawing on the personal experiences that have shaped her unique perspective. Wendy reveals never-before shared intimate secrets about struggling with weight, navigating rough times in her marriage, and learning to accept herself. Along with the usual girlfriend, boyfriend, and family drama, Wendy straight-talks on topics like style, body image, and office etiquette, and of course she tackles your wildest sex questions. If you've dealt with it, Wendy has a solution for it.

Filled with fun personality quizzes, Wendy's laugh-out-loud anecdotes, and tons of spot-on advice, Ask Wendy will help readers to end the drama in their lives.

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