Mac Os Ken

Mac OS Ken: 09.09.2022



- iOS 16 Gets Public Release Monday 12 September - watchOS 9 Gets Public Release Monday 12 September - Developers Get Release Candidates for iOS/iPadOS 15.7 and macOS 12.6 - CNBC: Apple Did Raise iPhone Prices in Key Markets Outside China and US - Analysts (and a Layperson) React to “Far Out” Announcements - Apple and Its CEO Mark the Passing of Queen Elizabeth II - Apple Outs New Cases Along with iPhone 14 Line - Nike Watch Faces Free for All in watchOS 9 - Apple Nixes Apple Watch Edition and Magnetic Charging Dock - AppleCare+ Adds Unlimited Repairs - Cook, Ive, and Powell Jobs Announce the Steve Jobs Archive - Sponsored by Ladder: Smart, Dynamic, Term Life Insurance. Learn more at - Sponsored by Notion: One workspace for your whole team. Learn more and get started for free at - Power what we do next for as little as $1 a month. Join the Mac OS Ken Test Kitchen at Patreon at - Send me an email: or call (716)780-4080!