Mchugh Corner

Episode 3 - From joy and accomplishment to fear and frostbite. A story of mental and physical resilience with adventurer Will Copestake.



In this episode I speak with Will Copestake - an award winning adventurer. This man is nothing other than an absolute machine. He’s explored the outdoors like no one else I know, both over seas and in Scotland, with his biggest adventure so far being solo circumnavigating Scotland by sea kayak, cycling and walking for an entire year climbing 282 munro mountains, mostly in winter.He experienced huge highs but even lower lows, and talks about how these trips took a massive tole on his mental health facing the likes of loneliness, extreme weather conditions and dealing with sleep paralysis. He also shared the feelings of accomplishment and pride after pushing himself to the limit, realising that he is capable of anything he sets out to do, all the while taking in the beautiful world we live in and knowing that he found his true joy in life - being outdoors. This is such an interesting and inspiring conversation and I implore you to go check out @willcopestake on Instagram which will give you a taste of the insan