Story Matters With Curt Mega

Project Create: Back on Track Pt. 1



Every few months I host an interactive art collaboration called Project Create where Patrons from my Patreon create artwork based on a prompt that I share. This most recent prompt was Back on Track. As we attempt to figure out a new normal in the uncertain world of 2020, I felt compelled and inspired by the idea of getting my life back on track despite the difficulties in the way. I invited my Patrons to create as they were inspired and these are some of the amazing written submissions I received.  "Back on Track" poem by Emily Lettau  "Back on Track" music and lyrics by Vica Radziwon "On Track" poem by Anna Riots (also featuring her original music) "In a Courtyard That's Not Mine" poem by MSN "June's Revenge" short story by Jessica McQuillan "Maggie the Brave" short story by Emaley Rose "The Race of the Century" short story by RCT "On the Right Track" from Pippin Trombone Aarrangement by Emily McCulloch "Journal Entries" from anonymous "The Train is Coming" by Curt Mega Featuring the voices of Kim Whalen an