Mchugh Corner

Episode 1 - What do we really know about O.C.D?



In this brand new season of McHugh corner I am kicking off with the beautiful Jennie Longdon, talking to me all about what it is like to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (O.C.D).I’ve always been fascinated to find out what its really like to live with O.C.D because I think as a mental diagnosis it is one that is not always fully appreciated or taken seriously.Jennie explains what it's truly like to live in this world, telling me all about her challenges on a day to day basis, and exactly how she has overcome the stages in her life where her O.C.D became out of control. Jennie is fellow radio presenter and podcast host who you can grab on Instagram @jennielongdonradio if you ever have any questions about O.C.D, or if you feel like what is being spoken about relates to you and you want to know more.  I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did!