Mchugh Corner

Episode 9 - Could you live to your full potential if you took a break from booze?



In this episode I speak with Ruari Fairbairns, one of the founders and brains behind 'One Year No Beer'.'OYNB' is a programme where you ditch the booze for an entire year, and Ruari tells me all about the magic in this. Whether it be improved mood, better health, more energy or a cure for anxiety, the list is endless. This conversation was truly inspiring, and what I love about Ruari is that he doesn’t demonise alcohol and pressurise the idea of never touching a drop again in your life, he purely talks about how we can all change our relationship with alcohol, live to our full potential, and feel the best we’ve ever felt in our lives.'OYNB' has over 100,000 members in 90 countries, it is a life changing programme and after my curiosity peaked in this podcast, I’ve just signed myself up for 28 days, and maybe you will as well after this conversation, hope you enjoy!