Mchugh Corner

Episode 10 - Life with an eating disorder. Can we tell if someone is silently struggling?



In this episode I speak with Grace Nicoll about one of the most difficult and personal struggles in her life - her eating disorder. Up until this point Grace has been extremely private about this, and recently found the strength within herself to talk to me openly about it on this podcast.This is something that she has struggled with for over a decade, sometimes managing her eating disorder, but at certain stages in her life, having it completely take over her day to day.This is an incredibly open and vulnerable conversation, and Grace is so brave for being honest with me about it and her experiences.A disclaimer that neither Grace of myself are medical professionals, she speaks purely on her own experiences, and if you find this conversation might be a trigger, this might not be the right listen for you.  This was very eye opening, shocking and moving conversation, and I hope you find it to be as well. I have linked a few resources if you are personally struggling, or if you need help with a friend or family