Skydive Radio

Skydive Radio #250 04.14.2020 with Rook Nelson and Dan BC



Rook Nelson and Dan BC join Dave and Stump via Zoom The state of the industry Financial, currency and staffing issues Will covid end fist bumps? RV’s for MD’s Favorite jumps Big way safety Safety First with Brian Germain discusses scanning for traffic and merging into the pattern Best and worst parts of being a DZO/DZM Staying motivated in skydiving The future of the sport Effect of tunnels on the industry Pic of the Week - Brianne Thompson enjoying a balloon jump over Skydive AZ. Photo by Niklas Daniel Garnet and Jim McCormick on the Skydiving Museum Stumps wants to know where his USPA dollars are going What’s up with the DC-9? Easing back into jumping 110 way star