Black Hat Briefings, Las Vegas 2005 [audio] Presentations From The Security Conference

Alex Wheeler and Neel Mehta: Owning Anti-Virus: Weaknesses in a Critical Security Component



AV software is becoming extremely popular because of the its percieved protection. Even the average person is aware they want AV on their computer (see AOL, Netscape, Netzero, Earthlink, and other ISP television ads). What if: Instead of protecting ppl from hackers AV software was actually making it easier for hackers? This talk will outline general binary auditing techniques using AV software as an example, and demonstrate examples of remote AV vulnerabilities discovered using those techniques. Alex Wheeler is a security researcher, who specializes in reversing engineering binaries for security vulnerabilities. His research experience was cultivated during his time with ISS X-Force, which he spent auditing critical network applications and technologies for security vulnerabilities. Alex's recent audit focus on AV products has lead to the discovery of serious systemic and point vulnerabilities in many major AV products. Neel Mehta works as an application vulnerability researcher at ISS X-Force, and l