Black Hat Briefings, Las Vegas 2005 [audio] Presentations From The Security Conference

Derek Soeder and Ryan Permeh: eEye BootRoot



This presentation will cover the eEye BootRoot project, an exploration of technology that boot sector code can use to subvert the Windows NT-family kernel and retain the potential for execution, even after Windows startup-a topic made apropos by the recent emergence of Windows rootkits into mainstream awareness. We will provide some brief but technical background on the Windows startup process, then discuss BootRoot and related technology, including a little-known stealth technique for low-level disk access. Finally, we will demonstrate the proof-of-concept BootRootKit, loaded from a variety of bootable media. Derek Soeder is a Software Engineer and after-hours researcher at eEye Digital Security. In addition to participating in the ongoing development of eEye's Retina Network Security Scanner product, Derek has also produced a number of internal technologies and is responsible for the discovery of multiple serious security vulnerabilities. His main areas of interest include operating system internals and