Black Hat Briefings, Las Vegas 2005 [audio] Presentations From The Security Conference

Shawn Moyer: Owning the C-suite: Corporate Warfare as a Social Engineering Problem



Let's face it, you ROCK at building InfoSec tech, but you SUCK at corporate warfare. Sooner or later, you WILL have to sit in a boardroom with the suits and justify your existence. If you approach your own survival and that of your security team's as a Social Engineering problem, it can not only work for you, but it can be FUN. Don't let them own you, own THEM. Shawn Moyer is a Lead Security Product Manager for InfoSec for one of the US's largest finance companies. He has lots of three and four letter acronyms after his name, and has led InfoSec teams at startups and smaller companies in the past. He has spent much of his career getting people who hate security to love it, and finding ways to get non-geeky people to see why they need geeks. He has been attending BH and DC for quite a few years, but has managed to keep his mouth shut until now.