Con Dinero Y Salud ¡así­ Vivo Mejor! Podcast Con Yezmin Thomas.

Con Dinero y Salud, ¡Así Vivo Mejor! Aprende a ahorrar dinero y vivir sin deudas.

Mp3d: Ruth Bell Graham: Celebrating An Extraordinary Life [abridged]

Friends and family of Ruth Bell Graham share their fondest memories reflectiong both her roots as the child of missionary parents, her commitment to family, her love of the Lord...

Nelson Mandela Freedom for all

Fantastic Audio Selection! Highest Recommendation! Listen to one today! This book comes highly recommended and it's one you’ll really enjoy.

An Interview With Kadir Nelson

Kadir Nelson is a naturally gifted artist whose extraordinary talent continues to develop and be discovered. Before the age of 30, Nelson had already illustrated children's books,...

Thomas Jefferson

With this audiobook, you will learn about Thomas Jefferson through a compilation of original readings and commentary, such as the Declaration of Independence, the Louisiana...

Thomas Dale: Love, Me

It is from his world of colorful characters that Thomas Dale draws the true stories he brings to comedy stages across the country. His ability to marry warmth and acceptance with...

The Essential Dylan Thomas

This varied, well-chosen selection brings the best of Dylan Thomas. Here is the legendary recording of Under Milk Wood, with Richard Burton and Richard Bebb as narrators; but here...


Nelson continues to fascinate academics as well as the general public. He is still considered one of Britain’s greatest heroes and featured within the top ten of the BBC poll of...

The Poetry of Thomas Hardy

A collection of Thomas Hardy's finest poetry read by Carleton Hobbs, John Glen, Richard Burton and Edith Evans

Diego Nelson

Enjoy the music!

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