The Narnian

The White Witch, Aslan, fauns and talking beasts, centaurs and epic battles between good and evil -- these have become a part of our collective imagination through the classic...

Peter The Great By Jacob Abbott

There are very few persons who have not heard of the fame of Peter the Great, the founder, as he is generally regarded by mankind, of Russian civilization. The celebrity, however,...


I am generous I have a lot of friends I'm just 7 years old and I can't believe that I already have my Instagram account my Snapchat account and Facebook account of course

Os Três Porquinhos

A equipe da Ubook mergulhou no universo mágico da infância para adaptar e produzir uma coleção de lindos contos de fada. Através deles vamos conhecer pessoas e animais...

Liberación Animal: El Clásico Definitivo Del Movimiento Animalista

Peter Singer es un filósofo australiano mundialmente reconocido por haber puesto los cimientos filosóficos del movimiento animalista.

Peter Vs Peter

Peter Versus Peter is a podcast covering all things gaming. From first person shooters to table top RPGs, we cover it all.


Welcome to the Peter podcast, where amazing things happen.

Jacobs Podcast

I talk about music news sports and other topics.

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