Blue Falcon Bros

Veteran podcast featuring guest stars and great stories!

The Falcon Killer

The Japanese military has turned the once-thriving Chinese city of Nencheng into a reeking pile of blood and ash. And now the Japanese Rising Sun threatens to scorch the...

The Falcon Tattoo

A violent attacker is on the loose. His calling card: a tattoo on his victims' skin. With no witnesses and no evidence left at the crime scenes, it will take all of the National...

Falcon Twin Podcast

Audio commentary podcast for the Falcon Twin online graphic novel

The Blue Falcon

In love and war, some oaths are meant to be broken....Riding into the arena under the furling blazon of the blue falcon, Sir Conan de Corbney accepts a token from the young...


Falcons swoop out of the sky to snatch prey with speed and precision. Come soar through the skies with this swift hunter, and uncover the features that make it a fierce bird of...

The Falconer: A Novel

“[An] electric debut novel… Lucy’s fierce first-person point of view is as confident and fearless as she is on the court; she narrates her story with the...

Falcon Perch Broadcasting

A podcast series produced by students and staff at Mountain Valley High School in rural Maine USA.

Blue Falcon Podcast

We analyze industry news topics and dive behind the scenes to see what happens in the world of video games.

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