Why Bears Sleep All Winter

Three bears find it hard to sleep because of too much noise.

How Low Can You Go?

After a price competition Possum and Raccoon finally decide on a reasonable price for their apples.

A Cobra in the Garden

When the author's family moved to Borneo they shared their garden with a black spitting cobra!

A Birthday Surprise for Mama

What can Aleeya do when it's Mama's birthday and there's no cake?

Discovering a New Galaxy

Learn about astronomers who made an important discovery.

Michael MacGregor Sure Can Snore

When Michael is away at camp what does his family miss most?

The Earth Breathed Fire

A postmaster recorded the birth of this volcano in Japan.

No Petting the Orangutans Please

Learn about Dr. Galdikas and volunteers who rescue captive young orangutans.

The Song of the Mouse

Scientist Tim Holy studies mice and the way in which they aurally communicate.

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