Eric Sloane's Weather Book

"Amateur weather forecasters (which includes just about everyone) will find this volume an informative and entertaining account of the why and how of the weather." — The Nation...

An Interview With Eric Rohmann

Eric Rohmann believes that each story needs illustrations that match its tone, content, and sensibility. As a children's book illustrator, this means knowing how and when to use...

Thalia Book Club: Eric Idle, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

A founding member of Monty Python and creator of Spamalot discusses his absurdly funny memoir of his remarkable journey from childhood in an austere boarding school, coming of age...

Eric Barone

Creador de la Terapia Akáshica, coach de bioenergía y bienestar holístico, progreso espiritual, desarrollo personal.

Los Papas Y El Sexo - No Dramatizado

-Este audiolibro está narrado en castellano.A lo largo de la historia la supuesta divinidad que rodea a los papas en múltiples ocasiones ha descendido a mundos de lujuria,...

Hansel y Gretel Versión del cuento de los hermanos Grimm

When they are left in the woods by their parents, two children find their way home despite an encounter with a wicked witch.

Rumpelstiltskin Versión del cuento de los hermanos Grimm

A retelling of a classic tale in which a strange man spins straw into gold, asks a huge reward, and offers a seemingly impossible way out of the deal.

El pastorcito mentiroso Versión de la fábula de Esopo

A retelling of the fable in which a young boy's false cries for help cause him problems when he is really in need of assistance.

La Medicina del Alma

Crees que las enfermedades ocurren porque sI, que son fruto de la casualidad y que somos vIctimas del Universo? Sabes que cada enfermedad o problema fIsico estA relacionado con...

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