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Prieto Prieto Couch Potato

Lisa and Fernando watch a lot of TV... like a lot! Join them as they take a closer look at their favorite (and not so favorite) movies and shows with wit and a dash of sarcasm.

Alejandro Prieto

Bienvenido! Hablaremos de criptomonedas, liderazgo, inversiones y trading.


The family calls Dylan “slow" and his abusive mother claims he’s wicked. He might not think fast. He takes awhile to form the words he wants, but Dylan has magic. He can spin...

Javier González Prieto

Welcome to Javier González Prieto, where amazing things happen.

Dylan Morley

Welcome to the Dylan Morley podcast, where amazing things happen.

Pod Dylan

Celebrating the work of Bob Dylan, one song at a time.

Tx Dylan

Welcome to the TX DYLAN podcast, where he talks about the Automotive Culture.

Dylan Crozier

Welcome to the Dylan Crozier podcast, where amazing things happen.

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