Manifiesto Mexicano: Cómo Perdimos El Rumbo Y Cómo Recuperarlo

Denise Dresser (Ciudad de México, 1963) es politóloga, escritora, columnista y activista. Ha sido profesora de Ciencia Política en el Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de...

Michael Dresser Show

The Michael Dresser Show has evolved over the years and today features authors and experts from all over the country and worldwide who offer solutions to the listening audience on...

On The Dresser

Your dose of sex, gender, culture, and politics led and produced by sex workers, sex educators and queer folks. We are a podcast born from an FM radio show. Now with 60% more...

Denise Aethyry

Amazing things happen here apparently

Denise Wakeman

Adventures in Visibility is a monthly live video show originally aired as a Hangout on Google+ and currently hosted on Blab. Designed for online entrepreneurs who want to build a...

Sweetbriar Cottage

'. . . the exploration of what love should look like in marriage and in general is very deep and contemplative. This is a novel that can help facilitate healing.'

Blue Ridge Sunrise

'Diverse characters, a Southern setting and electric chemistry will keep readers emotionally invested.'

Just A Kiss

Riley Callahan’s plans to reveal his secret feelings for his best friend are ruined when his life is drastically altered in Afghanistan.

Honeysuckle Dreams

'Likable characters and the hope for a second-chance at love make for an endearing and unconventional romantic tale.'

Married 'til Monday

'. . . an emotional and sometimes heartbreaking journey . . . the ending, though not promising smooth sailing for the two main characters, leaves one knowing that love is worth...

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