Post Trauma Hyperarousal Control edginess and jumpiness

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Lynda Hudson has helped very many people cope with the aftermath of trauma and has created this audio for you to listen to on a regular basis for on-going support and comfort.
She helps you to let go of the feelings of being on edge and on high alert when the circumstances really don’t require them. She uses the metaphor of a fountain washing away those old terrifying feelings from the past now that you are safe again. Having washed away these unwanted thoughts, feelings and reactions you are then able to look at your reflection in the clear water with a sense of inner calm, and confidence together with a sense of gentle inner control rather than an obsessive over-the-top need to be on constant alert. Lynda will help you feel safe, feel more resilient as you regain your confidence and control.
Lynda's gentle voice calms and re-assures. As a clinical hypnotherapist of many years standing and a former director of a society dealing with trauma victims, she has helped thousands of peo-ple both in person and world-wide through her audios. She has featured in the press, TV and ra-dio and is author of two widely acclaimed books on hypnotherapy both with children and adults.
Regular listening is the key to success.
The recording uses state of the art technology.