The Secrets of Harry Potter's World

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The Seekers Guide to Harry Potter takes you on a journey and exploration into the underlying themes of J.K Rowling’s fantastically successful Harry Potter series. Drawing from her unique background and personal experiences, the author provides original insights into the mysticism, magic and symbolism within the world of Harry Potter. Dr. Geo Trevarthen is an academic who has painstakingly researched the Harry Potter craze. She goes far beyond the normal criteria and steps into a world of real magic and its shamanic past. In doing so she reveals the origins of many of the elements found within the novels and films. Join us in this fascinating and beautifully crafted program as we journey into a world full of mystery and wonder.

About the Author: Dr. Geo Athena Trevarthen developed and taught the course on Harry Potter in Open Studies at the University of Edinburgh, where she gained a PhD for her groundbreaking work on Celtic Shamanism and is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow. She had extensive prior training in Transpersonal Psychology, Gestalt therapy, communications, art and film. She has taught and spoken widely on Shamanism and Celtic spiritual traditions at Omega, Esalen and dozens of other institutions.