Lujo Prado

Lujo Prado


Describing himself as an art and music lover since an early age, Luis José started with the desire to be involved with music when he started to explore the world of singing in 2005, 5 years later he got his hands on a turntable and the passion for djing and sharing music has been a constant since then. He started a journey that has helped him evolve and discover his own style, getting influences from producers and dj´s such as Fred Everything, Homework, Detroit Swindle, Güi Boratto, Robert Babicz, Cuartero, Pika, Jimmy Luna, Keko among many others. The Guatemalan underground scene has been his home base for this journey. Playing in different venues since the start of his career, in 2011 got the opportunity to be one of the resident djs in The Box Lounge Groove, flagship venue of the electronic music scene in Guatemala, his residency continues till this day. Playing in this colorful venue got the perk of crossing paths with some of the most influential djs in the scene, that got him to share booth with Gonzo-Gonzo founder of Danzón Nights and Sunsets, together alongside Mike Maraus they formed Danzón Pérez in late 2012 , a cultural and musical movement with the objective of supporting independent artists as well as promoting events. That gave Lujo the opportunity to share turntables with dj´s such as Rick Wade, Doc Martin, Hector Moralez, Bastard Love, Franck Roger, Andy Martin, Thee Cool Cats, K.E.E.N.E. and many more. Naturally the curiosity for production began with time and he did his first collaboration with Panamanian duo K.E.E.N.E. in Danzon Records EP Sal Si Puedes in 2015.


  • Podcast Octubre 2019
    Podcast Octubre 2019
    Duración: 59min | 28/10/2019

    Podcast for October 2019, recorded in Guatemala City. Hope you enjoy the groove and sounds.

  • Podcast Septiembre 2019
    Podcast Septiembre 2019
    Duración: 57min | 24/09/2019

    Monthly podcast for september 2019, recorded in Guatemala City. Enjoy.

  • Podcast Julio 2019
    Podcast Julio 2019
    Duración: 01h07min | 01/08/2019

    Podcast recorded July 2019 in Guatemala City, enjoy the mix.

  • Fer Campollo B2B Lujo Prado Live @ Wizards Mansion 22/6/19
    Fer Campollo B2B Lujo Prado Live @ Wizards Mansion 22/6/19
    Duración: 01h04min | 15/07/2019

    Set recorded live at Wizards Collective Mansion party in Guatemala 22 of June 2019, this was a special back to back with my friend Fer Campollo.

  • Podcast Mayo 2019
    Podcast Mayo 2019
    Duración: 01h01min | 29/05/2019

    Sesión mayo 2019, grabado por Lujo Prado en Ciudad de Guatemala. Disfruta y comparte mi pasión por la música electronica y sus diferentes sub géneros.

  • Sesión Abril 2019
    Sesión Abril 2019
    Duración: 01h17s | 24/04/2019

    Sesión Abril 2019, grabada en ciudad de Guatemala.

  • Sesión Marzo 2019
    Sesión Marzo 2019
    Duración: 01h01min | 21/03/2019

    Les dejo la sesión de marzo 2019. Grabada en ciudad de Guatemala.

  • Sesión Febrero 2019
    Sesión Febrero 2019
    Duración: 01h02min | 11/02/2019

    Sesión Febrero 2019, sesión grabada en ciudad de Guatemala. Comparte y disfruta.

  • Lujo Prado @ La Comunion (May 4 2017)
    Lujo Prado @ La Comunion (May 4 2017)
    Duración: 02h15min | 08/05/2017

    My latest set recorded live at my residency called "La Comunión" at The Box Lounge Groove in Guatemala city. Enjoy them sounds and share them if you like them.

  • Lujo Prado for Corona Sunsets Guatemala City with Youngr
    Lujo Prado for Corona Sunsets Guatemala City with Youngr
    Duración: 01h29min | 24/01/2017

    Live set recorded for Corona Sunsets @ Guatemala City on 4/11/2016. Opening act for Youngr. Hope you enjoy.

  • Lujo Prado @ La Comunión La Ultima Cena 22•12•16
    Lujo Prado @ La Comunión "La Ultima Cena" 22•12•16
    Duración: 02h57min | 10/01/2017

    Set grabado en vivo en mi residencia bi mensual llamada #LaComunion en The Box Lounge Groove en la ciudad de Guatemala. Set recorded live at my bi monthly (2 times a month) residency named #LaComunion at The Box Lounge Groove in Guatemala.

  • Lujos Deluxe @ Rue 3
    Lujo's Deluxe @ Rue 3
    Duración: 02h33min | 28/01/2015

    Had fun playing this set @ Rue 3 for an amazing rooftop party, enjoy and dance ! Me disfrute tocar este set @ Rue 3 para un increible rooftop party, disfrutenlo y bailen!

  • LuJo Prado opening for Thee Cool Cats
    LuJo Prado opening for Thee Cool Cats
    Duración: 02h05min | 07/10/2014

    Opening set for Thee Cool Cats @Akua Guatemala by the friends from Kill The Rave ! Enjoy !