Love From Heaven: Practicing Compassion For Yourself And Others

Love From Heaven: Practicing Compassion For Yourself And Others


Bestselling author and spiritual leader Lorna Byrne teaches you to have more compassion and love for yourself and to see the love all around you—perfect for those who have gained insight from such bestselling authors as Louise Hay and Doreen Virtue.

Lorna Byrne sees angels and speaks to them every day. She sees so much more than angels, though: she sees love as a physical force, emanating from those she observes. In this inspiring book, Lorna reveals what angels have taught her about love and how we can unlock the love stored within all of us. While we can’t destroy or diminish this love, we can release more of it and love others and ourselves more fully.

With her unique insight into love, she has also created a seven-day program with exercises you can do each day in order to have more self-appreciation. By the end of the program, you will not only feel more love in the universe, but you will also have a greater understanding of yourself and your inherent inner power.

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