Albert And Chaim

Albert And Chaim


An intelectual forum with Albert and his favorite Jew, Chaim. whoppee

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  • Darwin Takes a Goosh
    Darwin Takes a Goosh
    Duración: 28min | 05/11/2006

    The long-awaited return of A%C, featuring guest star Augustine, darwin awards, and chaim taking it in the mouth from the pumpkin's goosh.

  • J.S. Crew
    J.S. Crew
    Duración: 23min | 04/10/2006

    The J.S. Crew is with Albert and Chaim, and they kick it like McKarthy, and start naming names.

  • Geek Day!
    Geek Day!
    Duración: 07min | 26/09/2006

    A verbal quickie aboot geek day.

  • National Talk Like a Pirate Day
    National Talk Like a Pirate Day
    Duración: 08min | 20/09/2006

    YAAARRR!!! It be natinal talk like a pirtate day, so celebrate you scurvy currs!!!

  • Im gonna F**k your mom softly
    I'm gonna F**k your mom softly
    Duración: 06s | 26/08/2006

    It's true.

  • Transformers
    Duración: 08min | 26/08/2006

    An intelectual disgussion pertaining to transformers.