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  • 346 A Wrinkle In Time
    346 A Wrinkle In Time
    Duración: 02h51min | 01/11/2019

    Lord Fagan returns to hang out and discuss TV, the nostalgia complex, video games, and much more. You can follow him on Twitter @LordFagan. -Follow the show on all social media: @lopezradio -Come chill with Lopez on Twitch Sun, Tue, Wed, and Thurs: http://twitch.tv/lopezradio

  • 345 Still Here
    345 Still Here
    Duración: 38min | 22/10/2019

    Amazingly, after over two months, the podcast still rears its big dumb head. Apologies for no updates but we’re back now. Lopez discusses Joker (no spoilers), what he’s been up to lately, and what the future holds. Solo Round!

  • 344 Bella “The Floof” Bear
    344 Bella “The Floof” Bear
    Duración: 01h22min | 13/08/2019

    Krista and Lopez get together to remember a member of the Lopez family, our fluffy doggo Bella. Think of it as an audio wake for an awesome canine that existed in our world.

  • 343 Ron Tonkin Presents: Lopez and Sheets
    343 Ron Tonkin Presents: Lopez and Sheets
    Duración: 02h03min | 18/07/2019

    Lopez and Sheets return to discuss our vacations, Alaska, Disney Cruises, Oregon, Marvel movies, as well as our review of Curtis Mayfield’s Super Fly for the #LS500. Be sure to follow the show @lopezradio as well as Sheets @blsheets on all social media. Strategy Guide below. Ep. 343 Strategy Guide: Our LS500 Spotify Playlist Mr....

  • 342 Leadership and Egos
    342 Leadership and Egos
    Duración: 04h48min | 29/06/2019

    Zach White and Banshee return to the podcast, TOGETHER. It’s a mega cast of almost four hours and I hope that you enjoy every second of it. I know I did. As far as what we talked about, I’m not even sure where to start. We talk a lot about their time in the military,...

  • 341 Adjust The Game
    341 Adjust The Game
    Duración: 29min | 13/06/2019

    McDonald’s fueled a quick update from the world of Lopez Radio.  Talking about what’s been going on with me creatively as well as why we can’t seem to talk to each other politically as a people.  I also get nostalgic about McDonald’s and I don’t really care.  (SMILEY).  Don’t forget that we are brought to...

  • 340 LSBS 4 Parallel Lines
    340 LSBS 4 Parallel Lines
    Duración: 01h18min | 10/05/2019

    Lopez and Sheets return to catch up on life, their pets, their recreational habits, and more.  We also discuss Blondie’s “Parallel Lines” album as well as make our next pick for #LS500. You can follow Sheets @blsheets and the show @lopezradio.

  • 339 LSBS 3: License to Ill
    339 LSBS 3: License to Ill
    Duración: 02h04min | 22/03/2019

    Lopez and Sheets return to catch up on news, life, MLS and more.  We also continue our #LS500 journey with our review of the Beastie Boys album “License To Ill.”  If you want to follow Sheets, it’s @BLSheets and you can follow the show @lopezradio.

  • 338 Back To The Action
    338 Back To The Action
    Duración: 01h01min | 15/03/2019

    Lopez and Krista return to chat about what’s on their mind, Neverland, movies, trips, and more.

  • 337 LSBS: Zip-Ups: The Superior Hoodie
    337 LSBS: Zip-Ups: The Superior Hoodie
    Duración: 01h26min | 08/02/2019

    Lopez and Sheets BS Sesh where we talk about superior outer wear, movies doing fan service in the right way, dumb fan bases, our breakdown of Peter Gabriel’s “So” album, and more.  You can follow the show @lopezradio and Sheets @BLSheets on Twitter and join the Billboard album talk with #LS500.