Codi Seidel Podcast

Codi Seidel Podcast


Beats I like, podcast style. Just started learning how to mix so all feedback is welcomed. Thanks for listening!

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  •  Codi Seidel - Podcast 03 - July
    Codi Seidel - Podcast 03 - July
    Duración: 59min | 27/07/2011

    Here is the third installment of many to come! I just got back from vacation and was away from producing and trying out this DJ thing, but I found some great songs in the process so I hope you enjoy them! Cheers!

  •  Codi Seidel - Podcast 02 - May
    Codi Seidel - Podcast 02 - May
    Duración: 01h01min | 30/04/2011

    Number Two! So the tunes I put in this mix are songs I love that are on the... how to say... dirty side. I highly recommend blasting this mix on a good sound system or great headphones. (With a long cord to get your dance on.) I got caught dancing on two of the transitions, and yes you will notice haha. Well I hope you enjoy this one, there are some mind blowing sounds in this mix. Please leave me feedback if you can and tell me what's up. This is my second podcast, so all feedback is welcome. Enjoy! C.S.

  • Codi Seidel - Podcast 01 - First Try At Mixing
    Codi Seidel - Podcast 01 - First Try At Mixing
    Duración: 56min | 19/04/2011

    This is my first try at mixing ever, I just began producing last month and thought I'd try the DJ thing out. I am beginning with this to see how I progress as I learn. The transitions are pretty bad as it's my first time but there are some good tunes in it I am sure you will enjoy. Feedback is encouraged, I am a noob. Well, I hope you enjoy it! C.S.