The MaccaX Uncensored Podcast, by 2007 and 2010 Ironman World Champion and bestselling Author Chris McCormack discusses in his unfiltered raw Australian style everything Triathlon from the past to the present.A very edgy and highly educational and entertaining discussion on all of the big topics surrounding Triathlon and multi-sports today. Watch out for surprise guests from many of the sports greats both past and present and some hard hitting brutally honest opinions. Audience questions encouraged and answered at the end of every podcast. Beware he may offend!


  • #15 - Kona IronmanSpecial 2013

    #15 - Kona IronmanSpecial 2013

    08/10/2013 Duración: 01h18min

    Show Notes: THE PROS Macca as we know is not racing due to glandular fever. MG and Macca sit down and talk all things Kona – who are their picks? How will the race pan out at the big dance? Both agree Pete Jacobs is looking in great form having decimated the field in Sunshine Coast 70.3 including swimming with and over Clayton Fettell. A lot will depend on the bike. The benefit of riding in the front pack on the bike has been calculated by Aaron Hersh as 4.30mins Can the 2.40 marathon be beaten – maybe Pete Jacobs or Crowie both capable. The guys talked about how Pete Jacobs will cope in a less than perfect race and will Crowie miss his old nemesis, Macca? THE GIRLS Excited – two years since Chrissie Wellington retired. Leanda Cave won last year and is everything CW was. Now it’s time to stand up to win. Rachel Joyce – hard to beat – hasn’t raced a lot this year Caroline Steffen – amazing form – fell apart last year scared to win Yvonne Van Vlerken – also up there for third Mirinda Carfrae – for third The ta

  • #14 - Were Back! Macca  MG break down Kona and more ...

    #14 - We're Back! Macca & MG break down Kona and more ...

    17/09/2013 Duración: 01h19min

    ·         Thanyapura camp – highlights          ·         Welcome to Belinda and Justin Granger to the maccax team    ·         ITU recap London.  Chris and MG discuss ITU race series – and how they could be improved.  The progress of the Brits in triathlon since the Olympic   ·         Macca – Kona update.   Diagnosis Glandular Fever – 4 weeks out, inflamed spleen.   ·         Challenge update – USA third week in June – announcement in 3 days, mid Atlantic city region   ·         Tri Rock race in Austin Texas – Macca discusses his experience there as well as Malibu triathlon.   ·         70.3 – Vegas world championship recap  - Terenzo Bozzone’s amazing comeback from Achilles injury   ·         Macca’s tips for Kona Pete Jacobs, Kienle, Eneko Llanos, Crowie Raelert, Womens, Caroline Steffen, Rachel Joyce, Carfrae MG’s tips Pete Jacobs, Crowie, Eneko Llanos, Raelert   #brownlee #gomez #jillianmichaels #michaelepstein #selfmagazine #terenzobozzone #sebast

  • #13 - Work Experience

    #13 - Work Experience

    02/07/2013 Duración: 01h09min

    MX PLUS - Launching in 7 days. Great question on The Iron War and the different strengths & weaknesses of Mark Allen & Dave Scott compared to Macca's career. Chris & MG discuss the latest race results plus who to watch out for this year in Kona and give some advice to 70.3 legend Terenzo Bozzone.  Races Discussed .. Tour De France Kitzbuhel ITU Kona 2013 Challenge Copenhagen Ironman Frankfurt Challenge Roth Ironman Austria Challenge Phuket Athlete Mentions ... Ben Hoffman Terenzo Bozzone Pete Jacobs Michael Murphy Sebastian Kienle Miranda McCafre Marino Vanhoenacker Craig Alexander Manny Pacquiao Mark Allen Dave Scott Tim Deboom Lance Armstrong Cadel Evans Johnny Brownlee Jarvier Gomez Kris Gemmel Virginia Berasategui Questions:  Another Pro tested positive for drugs! What's your take on this?  Macca, is your approach more like Mark Allen or Dave Scott?  I'm getting back pain when racing and coming right out of T1

  • #12 - Steak  Kidney

    #12 - Steak & Kidney

    13/06/2013 Duración: 01h05min

    Matt White, Nick Gates, Pete Jacobs, Richie Port, Frume, Contador, Cadel Evens, Robbie McEwan, Craig Alexander, Lance Armstrong, Paul Ambrose, Belinda Granger, Greg  LeMond, Bevan Docherty and more.  Sportoga Preview Here ...   Race Coverage ....  Cairns Ironman Honu 70.3 Kansas 70.3 Boise 70.3 Wattage Numbers by drug cheats Questions ....  Frank – How do I train coming off a broken foot? Jenna  - How do you approach a B Race? 

  • #11: The Times They Are A Changin!

    #11: The Times They Are A Changin!

    29/05/2013 Duración: 01h18min

    Macca straight off the plane from Europe lands back in Sydney and does a recap of his European Tour + all the big races coming up. Challenge Barcelona Challenge Rimini Ironman Brazil Ironman Texas 70.3 Florida 70.3 Honolulu Cairns 70.3 St Polten Madrid ITU The boys chat about the best way and place to do your professional training, Bolder V's L.A etc. Then break down all the races and the talent that performed well and the talent we need to watch out for! Macca calls out the next wave of dominant athletes. Questions: What is the craziest thing you've seen in a Triathlon? Here it is, Wildflower 2012 .... Can you give us some pre-race prep for a hot Ironman? If we don't have a coach what would you recommend for a program during the off season? What is the hardest set you've ever done? Embrace The Suck T-Shirt's click buy here and support Milhouse so he can kick cancer's ass!  Macca & Milhouse (Santa Monica, March 2013)

  • #10 - Ironman Triathlon  ITU Triathlon Updates

    #10 - Ironman Triathlon & ITU Triathlon Updates

    30/04/2013 Duración: 01h18min

    Chris "Macca" McCormack & MG cover all things Triathlon from the past and present. Allot of history mixed in with the very latest from todays superstars and the best and worst races around the globe.  Chris also announces that Team MaccaX ( will be giving back $5 per member every other month to friends and family of Team MaccaX who are fighting cancer.  November Training Camps ... Miami Training Camp, Only $59 - Phuket Training Camp, Only $59 -

  • #9: Viva Las Vegas, Maccas 40th Birthday Party

    #9: Viva Las Vegas, Macca's 40th Birthday Party

    31/03/2013 Duración: 01h16min

    Live from the Encore in Las Vegas!  Macca turns 40 and celebrates in Las Vegas, along for the ride are some of his good mates including MG his regular side kick and Paul Amey (3 x World Duathlon World Champion) and Derek King the owner of Triathlon. They discuss all the big races over the last couple of weeks and the Ironman today V's the Ironman of the past and chasing points for Kona. What it takes to win Kona in this new era. 

  • #8 - The Traveling Triathlete

    #8 - The Traveling Triathlete

    13/03/2013 Duración: 01h09min

    Hawaii 2013 Picks? Power Wattage Hart Rates New wave of atheletes Wheels over wetsuit?  Wheels over bike?  Pro Cycling Talk (Richie Port) Triathlon Australia ITU Versus Long Course  So you wanna be a Pro Triathlete?  Questions From The Audience:  What do you think of Brett Suttons interview about buying back the WTC? How do you think Pete Jacobbs will do at the Boston Marathon?  How to improve swim strength?  How do you prepare for a high altitude race if you don't live at high altitude? Does Viagra help for cycling?  What are the benefits of training at altitude and do you recommend it?  Honorable Mentions:  Jarvier Gomez, Graig Alexander, Caroline Steffan, Pete Jacobbs, Natasha Badman, Mark Allen, Thomas Hellregal, Bevan Docherty, Marinsa McCarfrie, Ivan Rayna, Andy Potts, Dirk Bockell, Marino Vanoenecker, Nicola Spirig, Leon Griffin, Richie Port, C.J Sutton, Cadel Evans, FRume, Alberto Contador, Nick Gates, James Hodge, Miles Stewart, Shane Sutton, Darren Smith, Kerry Classon, Lance Armstrong, 

  • #7 - The Racers Report

    #7 - The Racers Report

    07/03/2013 Duración: 01h02min

    Macca & MG go through all the biggest races just completed and coming up. Macca talks about his broken hand and how it effects his season.  Races Discussed: Abu Dhabi Alcatraz Ironman New Zealand Melborne Ironman Los Cabos  Sounth Africa Ironman Questions: 1 - What prep can an age grouper make to eliminate equipment failures come race day? 2 - How to stay mentally positive after big set backs?  3 - How do you feel about the torpedo mounted bottles in the aero bars? 4 - How do you manage hunger and overeating after big workouts?  Honorable Mentions: Alister Brownlee, Bevan Docherty, Marko Albert, Terenzo Bozzone, Jesse Thomas, Keran Doe, Cameron Brown, Graham O’Grady, Ivan Rahna, Terenzo Bozzone, Pete Jacobs, Courtney Ogden, Oscar Galindez, Christian Kemp, Joe Gambles, Craig Alexander, Meredith Kessler, Gina Crawford, Caroline Steffan, Brett Sutton, Leanda Cave, Melissa Hauschildt, Candice Hammond, Marino Vanoeneker, Eneko Llanos , Jordan Rapp, Pauli Kiru, Luke Bell, David Dellow, Tim Burkel, Clayton Fa

  • #6 - Funniest Triathlon Video Ever

    #6 - Funniest Triathlon Video Ever

    20/02/2013 Duración: 01h10min

    Chris and MG Discuss ... Geelong Long Course Review - (Australia) Husky Triathlon Review - (Australia) Ironman New Zealand - Preview Melbourne Ironman - Preview Abu Dhabi Triathlon - Preview Frankfert Ironman (July) - Preview Questions .... #1 - Any advice for the 2 week taper leading up to an Ironman? #2 - What type of nutrition do you use for long training rides? #3 - If training late at night, and full of energy what recommendations do you have for nutrition to help you sleep rather than popping sleeping pills! Team MaccaX Wetsuit Winner! You gotta see this ... Honorable Mentions .... Craig Alexander, Cameron Brown, Clayton Fettell, Terenzo Bozzone, Peter Robinson, Luke Bell, Brad Katerfield, James Hodge, Chris Kemp, Melissa Hauschildt, Emma Moffatt, Liz Blatchford, Tim Reed, Lisa Marangon, Michelle Wu, Bevan Docherty, Sebastian Kienle, Pete Jacobs, Raelert Brothers, Eneko Lanos, Conrad Stoltz, Alister Brownlee, Paul Ambrose, Paul Amey, Jarvier Gomez, Mark Allen.

  • #4 - Blending your training sessions

    #4 - Blending your training sessions

    09/02/2013 Duración: 01h06min

    Swim/Bike/Run and how to blend them. With the MX12 product the biggest question I've been getting is how do I best blend these sessions for optimal results. In this podcast I do my best to help explain the process of blending and how you should be mixing certain sessions together. Cheers, Chris.

  • #5 - The Lost Episode

    #5 - The Lost Episode

    08/02/2013 Duración: 01h02min

    Overview .... Chasing Ironnman Points as a professional Panama 70.3 - Oscar Galindez at age 43 throwing it down! Peter Robinson coming out of retirement Sebastian Kienle goes to Orbea? Lance Armstrong Pay Off's & Race Fixing Swimmers Olympic Distance V's Ironman speed differences The first 10k of the bike at Kona + wheel changes for pros The evolution of Iron distance racing ... how much faster it's getting Ironman Japan Prize Money ... WTF? Sanchez Gone! Yet another drug cheat. Effects of Energy Drinks Geelong Long Distance Triathlon 2013 Predictions Questions from the MaccaX VIP Group - Join Here (pricing going up at 500 members, capped out at 1000) 1 legged cycling on the trainer .... does this really help? How do you balance training, traveling, racing and family life? What's more important building the base or doing high intensity work? How do we fire our glute muscles, balance between quads and glutes for cycling and running. Mentions: Heather Wertell, Kelly Williamson, Oscar Galinde

  • #3 - Im Sorry

    #3 - I'm Sorry

    24/01/2013 Duración: 01h02min

    The boys breakdown the Oprah Interview with Lance. Wanaka Challenge, what the hell happened to Macca? Auckland 70.3, Terenzo takes a tumble. Christian Kemp, James Hodge and more. Ironman V's Challenge, Macca breaks it down. South Africa 70.3, Ironman boys run faster than the ITU boyz! What's that all about? Bart Aernouts, Ronnie Schildknecht, Will Clark, Tim Don. Jodie Swallow. 2 athletes passed away in the swim, why is that? MG gives his thoughts. Endurance racing and challenging courses, alternative courses that will push you to your limits. Tour down under, big crashes and high drama. MG was there and gives us the break down. Ironman New Zealand, Cameron Brown, Terenzo Bozzone, Bevan Docherty Panama 70.3 3 Questions of the Day ... #1 - What's the longest run you'd complete prior to an Iron Distance Race? #2 - What can we do to help cramping in the swim? #3 - Any training advice for someone who works night shifts?

  • #2 - F**K You Lance!

    #2 - F**K You Lance!

    13/01/2013 Duración: 01h07min

    Macca & MG go for it on today's latest topics covering all the upcoming races on the circuit and who all the top athletes to watch in 2013 will be. Pucon, Lance Armstrong, Auckland 70.3, Ironman New Zealand, Challenge Wanaka, Hawaii Ironman, Super Swimmers, Peeing on the bike, how to prepare for these early races, race tips, 3 questions from the audience. Allot of laughs!   Honorable Mentions ....  Terenzo Bozzone, Kelly Bozzone, Rich Roll, Bryan Rhodes, Bevan Docherty, Graham O'Grady, Paul Ambrose, Pucon, Auckland 70.3, Challenge Wanaka, Oscar Galindez, Luke McKenzie, Ben Hoffman, Cameron Brown, Tim Burkel, Tim Van Berkel, Joe Gambels, Luke Bell, James Hodge, Leanda Cave, Mark Allen, Oprah Winfrey, Lance Armstrong, Caroline Steffan, Meredith Kessler, Liz Blatchford, Cameron Dye, Joe Lamphe, Michael Prince, James Bowstead, Mark Bowstead, Fraser Cartmell, Brett Sutton, Pete Jacobs, Bart Arnouts, Farris Al Sutan, Marco Albert, James Cunama, Richard Murray, Ronnie I-Ron Schildknecht, Tim Don, Will Clarke, Al

  • #1 - Macca  MG, let the party begin!

    #1 - Macca & MG, let the party begin!

    07/01/2013 Duración: 01h09min

    Listen in to Chris "Macca" McCormack and MG his Strength and conditioning coach of 20 years talk about all things Triathlon from today and past. Some great stories and a number of audience questions answered.

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