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  • Show #13, Nov. 1st, 2005 -Live at Skydive Atlanta.


    Our first "live on location" podcast from Skydive Atlanta in Thomaston, GA during the 7th annual Atlanta Freeflight Festival. Pick of the Week by Brian Buckland: Team Mandrin members Eric Deren, Jon Pinyon, Kyle Starck, Dave Brown, and videographer Brian Buckland. Conversations with Jon Pinyon and Eric Deren of Team Mandrin, Chris Spence from Roaming, Scotty Carbone from the, and manufacturers including PD, Sunpath, and Ouragan Suits. Check out more photos at

  • Show #12, Oct. 25th, 2005 - with blind skydiver, John Fleming.


    Stump accepts his new name. Bego trip to Winterset. LSPC club competition. Pic of the Week by Jason Waller: Beeze Shaw, Mike Hainey, and Dave Nye release ashes of the late Chris Martin at Tennessee Skydiving Center on November 6, 2004. Mention Skydive Radio to get a 5 percent discount off aerobatic rides at All proceeds go to Haley Martins education fund. Conversation with John Fleming (Blind John). Send us feedback on our bandwidth issues.

  • Show #11, Oct. 18th, 2005 - with Birdman, Scott Campos.


    Jen X's new shirt. New skydiving game. Skyride customer shows up at LSPC. Skydive Radio is taking the show on the road to Skydive Atlanta for the Atlanta Freefly Festival. Pic of the Week - tandem instructor Kevin Barrett exits the Twin Otter at Jumptown in Orange, MA with tandem student Paul Jackson. PJ Jackson, Paul's son is shooting video. Photo by Jeff Agard. Conversation with Scott Campos. Andrew Smith makes his first jump. Chris Martin memorial DVD available at

  • Show #10, Oct. 11th, 2005 - with Kate Cooper (Jump for the Cause).


    Three generation skydive. Listener email. This week's photo is of the new 151-way women's world record formation skydive done at Perris Valley Skydiving. Photo by Paul Quade. Conversation with Kate Cooper from Jump for the Cause. Porter Crash in DeLand. NTSB report can be found at Book review of Skyflying Wingsuits in Motion.

  • Show #9, Oct. 4th, 2005 - with freestyle champs, Karl and Merriah Eakins.


    Stories from Skydive Iowa's Harvest Moon Boogie. Jenn X gets some payback. Porter crashes at Skydive Deland. John Farrington geeks the camera on a sunset CRW load on this weeks Pic of the Week. Photo by Wendy Faulkner. Conversation with Karl and Merriah Eakins. Contact Merriah for free coaching in freestyle at More talk on blind skydiving. Send us feedback on what you like and dislike about the show. We want to make it better for you!

  • Show #8, Sept. 27th, 2005 - with Ted Strong.


    Cory listened to Skydive Radio. Skydive Radio 3-way rodeo dive. Skydive Arizona files law suit against Skyride, read all about it on Pic of the Week - Zach goes for a ride on an inflatable balloon to recreate a scene out of the cult classic film Dr. Strangelove. Photo by Eric Boerger. Conversation with Ted Strong. Join the mailing list for some upcoming contests.

  • Show #7, Sept. 20th, 2005 - with Joe Jennings (part 2).


    Stories from the bar and Cypres Stump. Contest winner Wendy Faulkner. Pic of the week, Lori Thomas of Perris Valley Skydiving took this week's photo of an eyeball formation. In the center is blind skydiver John Fleming along with Dan BC and Dan'l Leviton. The jump was made as part of a fundraiser for the American Council of the Blind. The event raised over $8000 for the charity. Joe Jennings conversation (part 2). Cory won't listen to his own show.

  • Show #6, Sept. 13th, 2005 - with Joy Drake and Joe Jennings (part 1)


    Call in contest extended for one more week. Pic of the week by Andrew Metcalfe: Kurt Marsan, Paul Biggerstaff, and Keith Paulsen build a tri-by-side over Chicagoland Skydiving on 9/3/05.'s online store is up and running. Order your T-shirts today to help support Skydive Radio. Conversation with Joy Drake. Conversation with Joe Jennings.

  • Show #5, Sept. 7th, 2005 - with Mike Gruwell (Chuting Star Rigging)


    Dollar Daze report. We love you Des Moines Skydivers! Dollar Daze CRW video of the Yo Mama's by "Doc" John Musgrave at Pic of the week by Gary Thomas. Conversation with Mike Gruwell of Chuting Star Rigging about 1.800.Skyride. Update on Kansas Cessna Boogie. Update on Andrew Smith. Skydive Radio adds mailing list. Funny DZ story contest extended.

  • Show #4, Aug. 30th, 2005 - General Discussions


    Dave is jumping again after an injury. Steven makes his first wingsuit jump. Dollar Daze is this week! Pic of the week - John shows us how to finish off a swoop with grace. Photograph by Bill O. Jerry Eddens breaks Nebraska state record for jumps in a day and raises money for the American Cancer Society. Funny dz story contest. Skydive Radio now has t-shirts. 1-800-Skyride talk.

  • Show #3, Aug. 23rd, 2005 - with renowned rigger, Dave DeWolf


    Sorry about the web site problems. is the world's single best source for skydiving information. You don't need an iPod to subscribe to the show. Pic of the week:  Melissa Newman sit flies over Skydive Elsinore. Photograph by JT Valente. More prizes coming up. Listener emails. Kansas Cessna Boogie. Conversation with Dave DeWolf. More on USPA awards. KFC calls in.  Check out her podcast at Andrew from the UK gets ready for first solo jump.

  • Show #2, Aug. 15th, 2005 - with Melissa Nelson of Skydive Chicago


    Thanks so much for all the positive feedback. Less than a week and the show is being listened to in 18 different countries. Stump has a pilot chute in tow on a board jump. A club member gets smoked. First Pic of the Week winner: This week's photo was taken over Puerto Escondido Mexico on December 31st 2004. Photo by Daniel Angulo. Sorry, no bego bar crawl pics. Good Stuff DVDs up for grabs soon. A conversation with Melissa Nelson of Skydive Chicago. USPA awards being discontinued.

  • Show #1, Aug. 9th, 2005 - Our very first show


    Our first official podcast. Thanks to Lee Bowes for the intro music. More info on Lee and his band Willis at Format overview for Skydive Radio. First email or voicemail played on show gets a free pair of Airfoil Goggles. First photo featured on Pic of the Week gets a free Dollar Daze 2004 DVD. Non-skydiving dropzone injuries. Bego bar crawl.

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