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  • Jimmy Conrads American Soccer Spectacular - 05.04.12

    Jimmy Conrad's American Soccer Spectacular - 05.04.12


    The return of Jimmy and Frank has brought the show full circle, who realized the errors of their way, and have now made the show shorter and more enjoyable. They focus on answering the hard-hitting soccer questions from you, the fans, and conducting top-notch interviews like this one with a very special mystery guest. Listen or die.

  • Warrant Aside, Steven Pienaar Talk Toffees, Moyes, and More!

    Warrant Aside, Steven Pienaar Talk Toffees, Moyes, and More!


    Casey comes in early to interview Everton's Steven Pienaar who opens up about his time at Spurs, his return to Everton and playing under Moyes. We also discuss his brilliant goal in the thrilling 4-4 draw against Manchester United at Old Trafford.

  • Jimmy Conrads American Soccer Spectacular - 04.14.12

    Jimmy Conrad's American Soccer Spectacular - 04.14.12


    Due to some unforeseen circumstances, i.e. scheduling conflicts, Jimmy had to scramble to get this show posted and asked some rivals from a competing podcast, Andrew Wiebe and Nick Firchau from and the MLS Extratime Podcast, to come on the show and discuss whether Kansas City will go undefeated the whole year, why retroactive refereeing might work on paper but sucks when acted upon in real life, and if the MLS All-Star Game is the most American thing that MLS can do. Also, Jimmy speaks in hushed tones in the Facebook Face-Off for no apparent reason but we found it to be incredibly relaxing. Check it out, b******.

  • Jimmy Conrads American Soccer Spectacular - 04.06.12

    Jimmy Conrad's American Soccer Spectacular - 04.06.12


    It's the Jimmy and Frank show! We're talking Jimmy f***ing Conrad and Frank motherf***ing Kuzava! And this week they talk about why the Galaxy is so bad this year, the choice adjectives used by Houston Dynamo midfielder Colin Clark on an unsuspecting ball boy, and who is truly responsible for the U-23 Olympic qualifying disaster. Also, they welcome the current assist leader in Major League Soccer, Sporting Kansas City midfield maestro, Graham Zusi, on to the show and he discusses how he fought through adversity in the first few years of the league, how much time he spends on his hair, and why Sporting will most likely go undefeated this year. Check it out.

  • Zusi helps Sporting KC ignite the MLS season 04.04.12

    Zusi helps Sporting KC ignite the MLS season 04.04.12


    Major League Soccer has seen Sporting Kansas City off to a blistering start. Part of that being the form of Midfielder Graham Zusi who joins Martin and Sophie ahead of their clash at this weekend with Galaxy.

  • Jimmy Conrads American Soccer Spectacular - 03.26.12

    Jimmy Conrad's American Soccer Spectacular - 03.26.12


    Jimmy and Frank delve into the evolution of the league and what happened to all of the playmakers and target forwards, they invite the last player in MLS who has been in the league from the beginning circa 1996, Mr. Ramiro Corrales, the captain of the San Jose Earthquakes, and they answer the pressing questions from their most loyal fans. You should give it a listen.

  • Jimmy Conrads American Soccer Spectacular - 03.16.12

    Jimmy Conrad's American Soccer Spectacular - 03.16.12


    Jimmy, Frank, and Vancouver Whitecaps goalkeeper and special guest, Joe Cannon, form their own wolf pack to create an entertaining discussion about, in no particular order, the Los Angeles Galaxy, Real Salt Lake, Bob Bradley, the Dalai Lama, Bruce Arena, Juergen Klinsmann, Jay DeMerit, Sebastian Le Toux, Major League Soccer, how many goals Leo Messi would score in a MLS game, Sepp Blatter, Eric Wynalda, audio difficulties, Tastee Mints, cliches, and mullets. Listen at your own risk.

  • WFD Daily Recap 03.14.12

    WFD Daily Recap 03.14.12


    Sophie wraps up today's show. We were joined by Ladbrokes PR man Alex Donohue first. We also had on Joseph Sexton of Backpage Football, Assistant Coach at Seattle Sounders FC Kurt Schmid, Eurosport Writer and Bundesliga Commentator Ian Holyman, and European football writer for AFP Tom Williams. Champions League of all sorts dominates discussion.

  • WFD Daily Recap 03.13.12

    WFD Daily Recap 03.13.12


    Sophie wraps up today's show. We had on Janusz Michallik of ESPN, James Pearce of the Liverpool Echo, and Cristian Nyari of the Bundesliga Fanatic.

  • Jimmy Conrads American Soccer Spectacular - 03.08.12

    Jimmy Conrad's American Soccer Spectacular - 03.08.12


    After a temporary hiatus due to very, very poor sound in the rooms that Jimmy has been at in New York City, which has gotten better, albeit slightly, Jimmy and Frank are back and better than ever with a preview of the 17th season of Major League Soccer, they answer questions from their adoring fans and they guilt new NBC Sports Analyst, Kyle Martino, on to talk about what to look out for this year.

  • Michael Lahoud 03.06.12

    Michael Lahoud 03.06.12


    Continuing on with our MLS Season preview, we bring Chivas USA midfielder and college champion out of Wake Forrest, Michael Lahoud, who joins us in studio here in Los Angeles. We talk about their recent trip to Portland, we discussed the specific preparations Chivas are taking ahead of the new season, and we bring up some of the extra work Mike does on the side for various causes and charities. We thoroughly enjoy our time with Mr. Chivas Spice himself.

  • Rob Beasley 03.05.12

    Rob Beasley 03.05.12


    Our audience are lucky for this one today. The Sun's Chief Football Writer and self-proclaimed Chelsea supporter, Rob Beasley, discusses the firing of Chelsea Boss, Andre Villas Boas. We discuss the "Special One's Return", and learn that the CFC Fan Beasley has told him not to return, via email. We also get the insider information that Germany's own Joachim Loew is in talks with Roman about stepping in as new Chelsea manager.

  • Steve Ralston 02.24.12

    Steve Ralston 02.24.12


    Steve Ralston, former MLS and USMNT standout, and current coach for the Houston Dynamo, is the first guest to step on the pitch for us today.

  • Yahoo! Soccer Podcast 02.23.12

    Yahoo! Soccer Podcast 02.23.12


    Martin Rogers is back with another edition of the Yahoo! Soccer Podcast. Rogers focuses this week on predictions for the rest of the season. Michael Pearlman joins Rogers to give us the top to bottom predictions for the EPL table, the winner of the FA Cup and the Winner of the Champions League.

  • Ben Lyttleton 02.22.12

    Ben Lyttleton 02.22.12


    The Sports Illustrated, Blizzard, Guardian, and European Football contributor to several other media outlets, Ben Lyttleton comes on to give us a look at today's Champions League fixtures.

  • Ryan Taylor 02.21.12

    Ryan Taylor 02.21.12


    Ryan Taylor, from Newcastle United, joins us for a chat on how the very successful Newcastle campaign.

  • Orr Barouch 02.17.12

    Orr Barouch 02.17.12


    Orr Barouch, Midfielder, Chicago Fire, joins the show to discuss the Fire's pre-season and how the team is shaping up for the new MLS season.

  • Jimmy Conrads American Soccer Spectacular - 02.17.12

    Jimmy Conrad's American Soccer Spectacular - 02.17.12


    Join Jimmy and Frank in their, pardon the expression, frank discussion of Jimmy's move to New York City to work on YouTube's new soccer channel, Kick, and some other stuff, which includes David Beckham's new underwear line, if anyone pays attention to the MLS pre-season results and if they should, and an in-depth interview with the prolific goalscorer from the San Jose Earthquakes, Chris Wondolowski. Like always, this is a pretty cool show, but this time Jimmy tries to make it the best ever by doing his impression of a robot, thanks to his excessive nasal congestion and the questionable acoustics in the room he is recording in. Take a listen.

  • Gary Al-Smith and Tom Legg 02.14.12

    Gary Al-Smith and Tom Legg 02.14.12


    Gary Al-Smith and Tom Legg join the show for a final review of the African Cup of Nations tournament. Congratulations to Zambia for winning the the contest.

  • WFD Daily Recap 02.13.12

    WFD Daily Recap 02.13.12


    Sophie welcomes's Eric Gomez to the hot-seat behind the mic and we're quite titillated to have him. ACN's round table with Gary Al-Smith and Tom Legg. EPL review with Martin and Dean Jones of the People, and Tim Stannard of 4-4-2 all in today's show.

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