The WNS Podcast is the official podcast for hosted by Danny Ray, Doug Sutton and Tyler Abear. Each episode covers the world of pro-wrestling featuring weekly analysis of WWE, TNA and the independent programming. Including Pay-Per-View predictions and top interviews with industry greats such as Diamond Dallas Page, Booker T and Ted DiBiase Sr., Ron Simmons, Mick Foley and Mark Henry. Check out our episode archive below. Follow us on or Twitter WNSpodcast.


  • Hell In A Cell Fallout

    Hell In A Cell Fallout


    Episode 39 - Discussing the fallout of Hell in a Cell and the

  • Hell In A Cell Predictions

    Hell In A Cell Predictions


    Heres Episode 38.. Its Double duty for the Podcast Crew as they interview not one, but two guests this week First, Tex Lonestar from Doomsday Wrestling, then Reggie Brown of WPX With Hell in a Cell predictions, and the always favorite QA portion

  • Night of Champions Review

    Night of Champions Review


    In a HUGE episode, the Podcast Crew run down Night of Champions, Raw, NXT, WWE 12, ROH, and even find time to bug their rival Richard Cranium from GCPPW Also find out how you can win free Podcast Merchandise Click PLAY to enjoy this jam-packed episode

  • ROH Star Kyle OReilly

    ROH Star Kyle OReilly


    Episode 36- In this episode, the Podcast Crew give their predictions for Night of Champions and talk to ROH wrestler Kyle OReilly about their upcoming iPPV, working with Adam Cole, and more QA, WWE 12, and plenty of jokes round out this great episode

  • WWE Network Discussion

    WWE Network Discussion


    Episode 35- In this episode, the Podcast Crew discuss the Raw Supershow, the announcement of the new WWE Network, upcoming guests, QA and more

  • WWE Supershow Discussion

    WWE Supershow Discussion


    Episode 34- Red Bulls are coursing through the veins of the Podcast Crew and are out of their MINDS as they discuss the Super Raw and Super Smackdown shows and also answer your questions in the QA portion Click Play

  • Amazing Red

    Amazing Red


    Episode 33- The Podcast Crew deliver another great episode discussing Raw, upcoming promotions, and an interview with former X-Division Champion, Amazing Red With the always popular QA and more, this will be one episode you do NOT want to miss

  • SummerSlam Fallout

    SummerSlam Fallout


    Episode 32 - With the outcome of SummerSlam and Raw, find out what the Podcast Crew think as well as ROH, WWE 12 news and QA

  • ROH Star Adam Cole

    ROH Star Adam Cole


    This week, the Podcast Crew are joined by Adam Cole of Ring of Honor to discuss the upcoming return to TV, dream matches and more With QA and SummerSlam predictions, the crew delivers another great episode filled with plenty of laughs Play or Download

  • Episode 30

    Episode 30


    The Podcast Crew Somehow made it to Episode 30 and kick things off with a major announcement Covering Raw, Smackdown, Bear Puns, QA and even announce a contest to have YOUR voice be heard on the show Plenty of laughs will be had in this episode

  • CM Punk Discussion, MITB

    CM Punk Discussion, MITB


    The Podcast Crew invite former guests, members of the GCPPW to discuss C.M. Punks return to Raw, Daniel Bryan announcing his MITB Cashing Day. With Bear Puns, and plenty of QA, this is one episode you dont want to miss

  • MITB PPV and RAW Review

    MITB PPV and RAW Review


    With Money in the Bank over and the dust settling from Raw, find out what the Podcast Crew thought as well as another installment of

  • Creators of Wrestler Unstoppable

    Creators of Wrestler Unstoppable


    With Podcast Crew member Jordan going on hiatus, Daniel and Tyler bring back Cousin Doug to discuss Destination X, Money in the Bank, have an interview with one of the creators of the Facebook game Wrestler Unstoppable. With a new segment

  • Miss USA Rima Fakih

    Miss USA Rima Fakih


    Rima Fakih

  • CM Punk SHOOTS

    CM Punk SHOOTS


    Following the C.M. Punk shoot on Raw, the Podcast Crew run down Raw Roulette, QA, and a brief look into the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV. Remember to subscribe to us via iTunes below

  • Ryan



    Podcast Crew members Daniel and Tyler give you their thoughts on Capitol Punishment, the 3-hour

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