The Favored Son A Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery

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Gareth & Gwen are called by Prince Henry to investigate the murder of his uncle in The Favored Son …

November 1147. Gareth and Gwen have again been called to a castle belonging to Robert, Earl of Gloucester, this time by Prince Henry, who insists his uncle was murdered. Allying with Normans doesn't come easily to Gareth and Gwen, but initial doubts are swept aside as more losses come to light. Because Robert's death has upended the balance of power in England, friends and foes alike have a vested interest in keeping the truth from coming out, and it is up to Gareth and Gwen to stop the killer before he claims another victim--and maybe a country.

The Favored Son is the tenth Gareth & Gwen Medieval Mystery.


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