Mac Os Ken

Mac OS Ken: 09.14.2022



- Pro End of iPhone 14 Line Saw Super Start in China - Apptopia: ATT Drove IAP Up 40% - Report: More Ad Spaces Opening in App Store in Time for Holiday Season - Apple Reminds Dark Sky Users of Impending Darkness - Exploring iOS 16’s New Display of Power - Apple Watch Ultra Battery 76% Bigger Than 45mm Series 8 - A Look at What Low Power Mode Affects on Apple Watch - “Ted Lasso” Wins Four Primetime Emmys for Apple TV+ - Sponsored by Better Help: Professional, licensed, and vetted counselors that you can trust. Get 10% off your first month at - Sponsored by SimpliSafe: Get a free indoor security camera plus 20% off with Interactive Monitoring at - Power what we do next for as little as $1 a month. Join the Mac OS Ken Test Kitchen at Patreon at - Send me an email: or call (716)780-4080!