Relieve Your Pain

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Use only when the cause of pain is known and medical advice says it is safe to ignore.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by pain? This self-help hypnotherapy audio for adults and teenagers can support you emotionally and help you relax and release both mental and physical tension. Gentle & relaxing, it helps you let go of the tensions that actually increase pain and instead deal more easily with stress and negative feelings. Absorb the positive affirmations and suggestions as Lynda speaks to you in her calm and reassuring voice, so that you are able to become not only more comfortable but also more optimistic too.

Learn simple visualizations and techniques—such as looking at the specific qualities of your pain in terms of colour and shape, for example. You might be surprised to find how much relief you gain through these and similar techniques. Listen, preferably daily at first, until relaxing and reducing discomfort has become your new habit and then listen from time to time whenever required.

This successful approach is based on natural, safe, and sound hypnotherapy principles and is regularly used in pain clinics. Lynda is an author of two highly acclaimed books on hypnotherapy.