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  • Adventure/Week4: So Much to Learn
    Adventure/Week4: So Much to Learn
    Duración: 47min | 01/11/2019

    Week 4 of the Adventure series has God’s People faced with being in the middle of the adventure and it doesn’t look good. What do we do next? It’s an individual choice to trust our Heavenly Father has our best interests at heart.

  • Adventure/Week 3:Walking with God
    Adventure/Week 3:Walking with God
    Duración: 48min | 26/10/2019

    Week 3 of the Adventure series has God parting the Red Sea so Moses can lead God’s People through safely away from the most powerful army in the world. Have you ever had a job to do you thought had zero chance of succeeding - but you did it anyway? So did Moses!

  • Adventure/Week2: What is that Burning?
    Adventure/Week2: What is that Burning?
    Duración: 46min | 17/10/2019

    Week 2 of the Adventure series has Moses admitting he grew up from a ‘special child’ to an adult called by God to a Divine Job…he did not want. With a lot of whining Moses did it, anyway. We may have more in common with Moses than we realized. (2019-Oct-13)

  • Adventure/Week 1: In the Weeds
    Adventure/Week 1: In the Weeds
    Duración: 29min | 17/10/2019

    In Week 1 of the Adventure series we begin with baby Moses entering the world under a death sentence and a short 10 verses later being placed inside the walls of the palace as a grandson of Pharaoh. It takes longer than we would like, but we do well to remember God has our best interests at heart. (2019-Oct-06)

  • Follow/Wk8: Joseph Wept
    Follow/Wk8: Joseph Wept
    Duración: 43min | 29/09/2019
  • Follow/Wk7: Revenge is Sweet
    Follow/Wk7: Revenge is Sweet
    Duración: 55min | 24/09/2019
  • Follow/Week 6: Joseph Gets the Job
    Follow/Week 6: Joseph Gets the Job
    Duración: 41min | 19/09/2019

    Week 6 of the Follow series is a master class in life satisfaction. If the key to finding meaning and satisfaction in life is to use our Gifts & Opportunities to Solve Problems for God’s Children, sometimes we have to convince someone we can be helpful. How do we do that…

  • Follow/Week 5: More Jacob
    Follow/Week 5: More Jacob
    Duración: 49min | 14/09/2019

    Week 5 of the Follow series sets up the remarkable faithfulness of Joseph, in sharp contrast to his father Jacob from last week. We will spend a few weeks with Joseph as he shows both remarkable immaturity with his brothers and a strong willingness to trust God’s plan will work out - even in the middle of the craziest calamities.

  • Follow/Week4: Jacob
    Follow/Week4: Jacob
    Duración: 29min | 04/09/2019

    Week 4 of the the Follow series has a scoundrel on the run receiving the Promise of God: I will be with you. I will bless you. Now what does a scoundrel do with that?

  • Follow/Week 3: If You Are Going To Be In Charge...
    Follow/Week 3: If You Are Going To Be In Charge...
    Duración: 41min | 29/08/2019

    Week 3 of the Follow series continues with the Classics: Abraham sacrifices Isaac. Well, Abraham doesn’t sacrifice Isaac, but he was willing. Not because kids can be challenging, but because Abraham was determined to be faithful. In a culture of child-sacrifice, it didn’t seem so outrage of a request. But the point wasn’t sacrificing Isaac, it was a foreshadowing of what the Heavenly Father had to be willing to do with His Son, Jesus.

  • Follow/Week 2: Noahs Choices
    Follow/Week 2: Noah's Choices
    Duración: 29min | 24/08/2019

    Week 2 of the Follow series continues with the Classics: Noah & the Ark. We assign this one to small children, but the real lessons are for us. Faith. Perseverance. And the Wonder of God in the middle of evil and poor choices being made all around us.

  • Follow/Week 1: How It Works
    Follow/Week 1: How It Works
    Duración: 48min | 15/08/2019

    Week 1 of the Follow series begins with the famous story of Adam & Eve getting us kicked out of Paradise. We know what happened. The fun part is seeing how almost all of the most important things we need to remember about how life works is on display.

  • Fruit/Week 9: Steering the Ship
    Fruit/Week 9: Steering the Ship
    Duración: 37min | 15/08/2019

    James, the brother of Jesus, finally understands his older brother was God in sandals. But not until after Jesus died and then was alive again. Thereafter James was a leader in the church in Jerusalem. He wrote a few thoughts down for us, too. This is where James reminds us what we say reveals our thoughts. And what we say can be worse than sticks and stones.

  • Fruit/Week 8: The Only Way
    Fruit/Week 8: The Only Way
    Duración: 33min | 26/07/2019

    Week 8 of the Fruit (of the Spirit) series has Jesus yelling at His inept followers. Once again. This time they were attempting to save Jesus from unworthy distractions to His time and focus: Children. And their selfish parents who thought a little time with Jesus might be helpful. Peter and the gang quickly attempted to stop that nonsense! Jesus then said the parents and children have something for all of us to remember.

  • Fruit/Week 7: Expect the Knock
    Fruit/Week 7: Expect the Knock
    Duración: 35min | 19/07/2019

    Week 7 of the summer Fruit of the Spirit series - Burger Sunday! - has Peter in trouble because he won’t stop talking about Jesus. And occasionally healing sick people. Peter gets thrown in prison and will probably be killed. But then Bible comedy happens to remind us to not lose Hope in the middle of the Adventure because the Holy Spirit is at work and our Heavenly Father does indeed have our best interests at heart.

  • Fruit/Week 6: Now I get It
    Fruit/Week 6: Now I get It
    Duración: 40min | 12/07/2019

    Week 6 of the Fruit series has James, the brother of Jesus, reminding us that while he was late to the party of realizing his older brother was the promised Messiah - now James gets it! God is good: Act like it.

  • Fruit/Week 5: Love Others
    Fruit/Week 5: Love Others
    Duración: 43min | 10/07/2019

    Week 5 of the Fruit series has us just returning from vacation and Jesus hitting us with the answer to the question, ‘Who is my neighbor.'

  • Fruit/Week 4: Gifts and IMPACT
    Fruit/Week 4: Gifts and IMPACT
    Duración: 26min | 29/06/2019

    Week 4 of the Fruit series has our youth group leader (with help from some teens) describes their journey and the gift associated with it.

  • Fruit/Week 3: Fathers Day - Joy over Worry
    Fruit/Week 3: Father's Day - Joy over Worry
    Duración: 36min | 18/06/2019

    Week 3 of the Fruit series is Father’s Day! Bacon, a Baby Dedication, and Jesus telling us to focus on what’s important - our part in the Kingdom of God - rather than losing our joy over worry.

  • Fruit/Week 2: Patience or Panic
    Fruit/Week 2: Patience or Panic
    Duración: 40min | 15/06/2019

    Week 2 of the Fruit series reminds us the value of long-range thinking. When infant Jesus was brought to the Temple in Jerusalem for the new-baby ceremonies, both Simeon and Anna were waiting, ready and elated. How long they had faithfully waited was the remarkable part. How do we do that?

  • Fruit/Week 1: After the Gates Open
    Fruit/Week 1: After the Gates Open
    Duración: 35min | 06/06/2019

    Week 1 of the Fruit series, focusing on the fruit that is abundant in our lives as a result of the Holy Spirit at work, has Peter and the apostles in big trouble for teaching about Jesus. Fear is rampant, except for in the followers of Jesus.

  • Song: Ill Fix My Eyes
    Song: I'll Fix My Eyes
    Duración: 05min | 06/06/2019

    Performed by the Catalina Church North Worship Team. The group People & Songs included this on their album 'The Emerging Sound, Vol. 4'. They were inspired by the hymn "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus" first published in England as a pamphlet in 1918 and then included in a 1922 collection called Glad Songs. Blessings to the People & Songs community for creating such a moving and inspirational piece. There performance of the song can be found on YouTube (

  • Perseverance/Week 4: The Adventure
    Perseverance/Week 4: The Adventure
    Duración: 37min | 01/06/2019

    The finale of the Perseverance series is Memorial Day weekend with the focus on freedom, and the lack thereof with Paul and Silas. First they meet a young woman who does not have her freedom, then they are annoyed by said young woman, then they bring freedom to her at the expense of their own freedom. It’s what happens next that reminds us to live boldly in the middle of our adventure that is this life.

  • Perseverance/Week 3: Our Turn With a Cheering Section
    Perseverance/Week 3: Our Turn With a Cheering Section
    Duración: 45min | 29/05/2019

    Week 3 of the Perseverance series reminds us in order to move forward like we want we must deal with our sin that is holding us back. Our inspiration are those who have gone ahead of us, and those watching us as we show them the way.

  • Perseverance/Week 2: Mothers Day
    Perseverance/Week 2: Mother's Day
    Duración: 32min | 22/05/2019

    Week 2 of the Perseverance series is Baby Dedication on Mother’s Day! We aren’t saving the child. We are dedicating our church and our parents to influencing our children toward Jesus because there is no better way. What a great reason for celebration!

  • Perseverance/Week 1: Now What?
    Perseverance/Week 1: Now What?
    Duración: 48min | 06/05/2019

    Week 1 of the Perseverance sermon is the Mission Jesus gave His followers to live the life with boldness and Show & Tell others. It wasn’t - and isn’t - easy, but it is rewarding!

  • Hope/Week 4: Show Me
    Hope/Week 4: Show Me
    Duración: 35min | 29/04/2019

    Week 4 of the Hope series is what happens after Easter. His friends and followers still don’t realize they are in the middle of the greatest event since Creation: Resurrection. Death isn’t the grand finale they thought it was. Still isn’t.

  • Hope/Week 3: Easter
    Hope/Week 3: Easter
    Duración: 38min | 23/04/2019

    Week 3 of the Hope series is Easter! Jesus said it would happen. It so resonates in our souls we still talk about it after a death as if it is a fact: ‘He is in a better place.’ Yet on The Day they were completely surprised it happened! Like how we live our life most days.

  • Hope/Week 2: Palm Sunday
    Hope/Week 2: Palm Sunday
    Duración: 49min | 14/04/2019

    Week 2 of the Hope series on our way to Easter has Jesus attending a thank you celebration party to celebrate Lazarus no longer being dead. And then Jesus rode a small donkey to a celebration of Him taking on Rome to show He wasn’t there to take on Rome. Nobody noticed.

  • Hope/Week 1: Its Not Sunday Yet
    Hope/Week 1: It's Not Sunday Yet
    Duración: 48min | 11/04/2019

    Week 1 of the Hope series on our way to Easter is focused on Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. Wow! You would think that would be nothing but exciting. But, people are involved, so… People want to kill Jesus. Other people are afraid they will be killed, too. The family of Lazarus is upset Jesus didn’t prevent the death in the first place. Nearly everyone misses the miracle means Jesus is Who He says He is. Even in the middle of one of the greatest miracles of all-time it is very evident we live on a battlefield of Good vs Evil.

  • In His Image/Week 5: Heres the Point
    In His Image/Week 5: Here's the Point
    Duración: 41min | 06/04/2019

    The Finale of the In His Image series has Jesus answering THE question: What is it all about? The answer: Love. If what you are planning next does not fit what it is all about, change what you are planning to do next!

  • In His Image/Week4: Do You See What I See?
    In His Image/Week4: Do You See What I See?
    Duración: 38min | 27/03/2019

    Week 4 of the In His Image series has the Prophet Samuel anointing young shepherd David as the 2nd king of God’s People while the first king is still doing the job. Poorly, but still at work. The crazy part? Those there for the ceremony missed what Samuel just did. How to see God at work when it doesn’t look like we think it should…

  • In His Image/Week 3: Living Well Is the Work
    In His Image/Week 3: Living Well Is the Work
    Duración: 49min | 19/03/2019

    Week 3 of the In His Image series has Paul talking to Timothy about being Created for a reason. We are not accidentally in this world. And our goal is to live up to who we were Created to be, using our gifts & abilities to solve problems for God’s Children. The relationships and connections that result are the foundations of our meaningful life.

  • In His Image/Week 2: The Adventure of Redemption
    In His Image/Week 2: The Adventure of Redemption
    Duración: 48min | 18/03/2019

    Week 2 of the In His Image series has Church People upset with Jesus for consorting with the wrong sorts of people. Jesus points out redemption is a big part of HIs purpose. Recognizing we are wrong and being back into the fold is part of the fun! Even more fun than what took us out of the fold in the first place.

  • In His Image/Week 1: The Adventure Begins
    In His Image/Week 1: The Adventure Begins
    Duración: 53min | 06/03/2019

    Week 1 of the In His Image series begins with the profound concept that we are Created Imago Dei: In the Image of God. We are called to live up to who we were created to be. That changes a random day of the week into something profound, doesn’t it?

  • Serve/Week 4: Serving Satisfaction
    Serve/Week 4: Serving Satisfaction
    Duración: 25min | 26/02/2019

    Week 4 of the Serve series wraps it up with the reality that applause is great, but meaning and satisfaction are even better. When we use what God has given us in the service of the King the result is a standing ovation in Heaven: we have more fun, have better life satisfaction and less worry. Jesus tells us to not ruin the wonder by thinking small. NOTE: due to technical difficulties only the second half of the sermon has been provided.

  • Serve/Week 3: Free Lunch
    Serve/Week 3: Free Lunch
    Duración: 38min | 18/02/2019

    Week 3 of the Serve series focuses on a classic! Jesus feeds 5,000 with a little kid’s lunch. Andrew stands in for our role as both hopeful and faith-filled, and immediately, or perhaps chronically, doubtful and skeptical. The point: use what we have to serve others, and let the Heavenly Father supply the amazing results.

  • Serve/Week 2: Piching In
    Serve/Week 2: Piching In
    Duración: 45min | 12/02/2019

    Week 2 of the Serve series continues the focus on serving others because Jesus first Served us on the Cross. Good news: We do not have to help others to the point of death! We are not Jesus. Our serving others comes at the cost of time and energy, but proper serving of others is part of what gives us energy, as well. Using our gifts and opportunities to serve involves us in the greater community in ways that give us life. What a great system!

  • The Meaning of Serving
    The Meaning of Serving
    Duración: 40min | 05/02/2019

    Week 1 of the Serve Others because of what Jesus did for us. Sounds like a “have to’. This is a ‘We GET to’. Jesus didn’t Have to be born in a barn, spend 3 decades in sandals and then die on a Roman Cross, Jesus wanted to. Why? Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. God wanted us for Eternity. We weren’t making that on our own. Jesus died for a reason. We ‘Get To’ serve others during our lifetime for a reason: Meaningful life.

  • Too Much of a Good Thing
    Too Much of a Good Thing
    Duración: 43min | 30/01/2019

    Too Much of a Good Thing by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • Wise Words
    Wise Words
    Duración: 39min | 24/01/2019

    Week 3 of the Self Control hits us where it hurts: The damage our words can inflict on those we want - and need - in our life. Some of the damage we do is unintentional. Solomon is challenging us on the intentional damage we do.

  • Slow To Anger
    Slow To Anger
    Duración: 32min | 15/01/2019

    Week 2 of the Self-Control series is all about controlling anger. Anger is a legitimate emotion. And has its place! But unchecked can destroy much that is good in our life. Thomas Jefferson said the key is to start counting instead of start shouting. Well, it’s a start.

  • Broken Walls
    Broken Walls
    Duración: 43min | 09/01/2019

    Broken Walls by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • Joseph
    Duración: 17min | 09/01/2019

    December 24: It’s here! Perhaps the greatest night of the year. The combination of Anticipation and Payoff combine into Christmas Eve. Let’s talk Joseph. Faithful. Slightly afraid. Slightly crushed Joseph. An eyewitness to the miracle. If only it weren’t so crazy.

  • Expectations
    Duración: 38min | 09/01/2019

    Week 4 of the Christmas series has the Baby Jesus being born. In the middle of Caesar Augustus attempting to qualify his power, the Creator of the Universe began the invasion with a Boy born in a manger. Who expected that?

  • Not Alone
    Not Alone
    Duración: 36min | 21/12/2018

    Not Alone by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • Unexpected News
    Unexpected News
    Duración: 41min | 12/12/2018

    Week 2 of the the Christmas series is the Angel Gabriel bringing Mary the unexpected news that her chaste lifestyle is going to result in a miraculous pregnancy with the Promised Messiah. Not that all of her family, friends or even fiancé will believe her… Sounds like something we can relate to. Merry Christmas!

  • It Begins
    It Begins
    Duración: 44min | 05/12/2018

    It’s Christmas time! Week 1 begins with Matthew walking through the family tree while waiting for the baby to arrive. Much like relatives telling family stories in the hospital waiting room, Jesus came with a history, just like we do. Jesus was the Pinnacle, but His arrival reminds us we have a place in the Kingdom of God, and an important part to play.

  • A Life Worth Suffering
    A Life Worth Suffering
    Duración: 44min | 26/11/2018

    This week 4 in the Cooperation series - we can accomplish more together than apart - has the classic reminder from Paul that we were not Created to be alone. Including some Bible comedy about the problems we would encounter if we were only an ear. We have a place in the world. We were put here on purpose. And we function best when we remember no one is good at everything, but everyone is good at something helpful.

    Duración: 38min | 19/11/2018

    We can do more when we work together - has Jesus interrupted by a drop down visitor from above. The roof, specifically. A man who could not walk had friends who were convinced that if they could get to Jesus healing would happen. And it did. The point is not that Jesus takes away all pain in this world. The point is that with Jesus we live a life worth more than the suffering.

    Duración: 40min | 09/10/2018

    CONTENTMENT by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • Jubilee  Trust
    Jubilee & Trust
    Duración: 38min | 24/09/2018

    Week 4 of the Initiative series focuses on the concept of Sabbath and Jubilee - brilliant concepts that only work with a full reliance on our Heavenly Father being powerful, and having our best interests at heart.

  • Doing Brings Trouble
    Doing Brings Trouble
    Duración: 30min | 18/09/2018

    Doing Brings Trouble by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • And This Affects Me…How? Urgency  Teamwork
    And This Affects Me…How? Urgency & Teamwork
    Duración: 50min | 10/09/2018

    And This Affects Me…How? Urgency & Teamwork by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • Pray, Plan  the Privilege
    Pray, Plan & the Privilege
    Duración: 38min | 05/09/2018

    Week 1 of the Initiative series offers the challenge to see problems as an opportunity to partner with our Heavenly Father to solve problems for God's Children. Whether they see themselves as a Child of God or not.

  • Listening Wisely
    Listening Wisely
    Duración: 33min | 27/08/2018

    This week the Wisdom series demonstrates the Wisdom of being picky about who we listen to in our search for wise counsel. The key to asking Wise People Smart questions is they are actually wise.

  • Wisdom Gideon’s Model of Wisdom
    Wisdom; Gideon’s Model of Wisdom
    Duración: 58min | 24/08/2018

    This week the Wisdom series follows the selfishness of Samson with the very cautious - perhaps even timid - faithfulness of Gideon. The lesson: Once we trust our Creator has uniquely placed us here on purpose, we get a live a life of profound meaning and impact

  • Praising the Provider
    Praising the Provider
    Duración: 42min | 16/04/2018

    Praising the Provider by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • What Faith Looks Like
    What Faith Looks Like
    Duración: 39min | 10/04/2018

    Week 2 of the Patience series has a Compare and Contrast of what Faith looks like in daily life. Hannah is willing to Trust the Heavenly Father with her deepest desire. And follows through when God provides. Compared to a couple of faithless ministers, for whom the consequences are severe. We are to choose our role models wisely!

  • Easter
    Duración: 34min | 02/04/2018

    Week 1 of the PATIENCE series has Jesus being remarkably patient waiting for His friends to understand His mission - to see and save the lost - and patiently waiting for His own Resurrection. First the pain, then the Glory. The friends and followers of Jesus were confident in Jesus winning, they were completely shocked at how the winning happened and what it looked like. God is so enormous, His ways are a shock to us. We know that to be true. It makes sense that a God bigger than our understanding would act in different ways than we expect. And yet, here we are, still questioning if our Heavenly Father knows what He is doing. Happy Easter!

  • What a Week
    What a Week
    Duración: 38min | 28/03/2018

    The final Sunday of the Peace series has Jesus riding into Jerusalem - famously known as Palm Sunday. We get a running start beginning with Moses instructing God’s people on the process of sacrificing the lamb for God’s forgiveness. And we end with Jesus in the tomb and his followers wondering what to do next. The final week of the Crucifixion is a vivid reminder than we can get lost just before God appears in a way we cannot even imagine.

  • Wisdom  a Fool
    Wisdom & a Fool
    Duración: 44min | 21/03/2018

    Wisdom & a Fool by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • Enough Trust to Keep Digging
    Enough Trust to Keep Digging
    Duración: 37min | 13/03/2018

    Week 2 of the PEACE series has Father Abraham’s son Isaac carrying on the family tradition of 1. Trusting God enough to keep the Promise alive 2. Giving his beloved wife away. This time Isaac has a lot of conflict with his neighbors in the new land. He keeps digging wells trusting God will provide the water. Eventually the trouble makers recognize God’s Way may just have value.

  • Walking from Conflict
    Walking from Conflict
    Duración: 23min | 05/03/2018

    Week 1 of the Peace series has soon to be Abraham resolving conflict with his Nephew Lot by the time-honored technique of Separation. Distance. Space between them. Lot chose poorly, because that’s what Lot always did. Abram reconnected with God, and went for a walk through his beautiful real estate, with big, long-range plans in mind.

  • We Talk About Enemies More Than We Used To
    We Talk About Enemies More Than We Used To
    Duración: 42min | 02/03/2018

    We Talk About Enemies More Than We Used To by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • Be Kind to the Least of These
    Be Kind to the Least of These
    Duración: 39min | 21/02/2018

    Week 3 of the Kindness series has Jesus reminding us God is the God of Rewards. Our actions matter. We don’t have to save the world. Jesus is already doing that. Our part is to pay attention, and live up to who God Created us to be by helping those we can, when we can.

  • Kindness Wins!
    Kindness Wins!
    Duración: 40min | 13/02/2018

    Kindness Wins! by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • Pay It Forward
    Pay It Forward
    Duración: 41min | 06/02/2018

    Week 1 of the Kindness: Be a Connection series begins with Paul reminding Pastor Titus and the Christians on the island of Crete what Christian kindness - be kind to others because God is kind to you - looks like both in the church, and in the Roman Empire. And then Paul tells us where he will snowbird for the winter.

  • Jan 28 2018 Podcast
    Jan 28 2018 Podcast
    Duración: 36min | 30/01/2018

    Jan 28 2018 Podcast by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • Who Is This Guy?
    Who Is This Guy?
    Duración: 34min | 22/01/2018

    Week 3 of the Let’s Go series has Jesus asking the profound question, ‘Who do you say I am?’ To help raise the intensity, Jesus also asks, ‘Is anything worth more than your soul?’ Turns out we can have questions and doubts about God. The answers to those 2 questions provides the motivation to live the life our Heavenly Father has for us.

  • Prayer Time
    Prayer Time
    Duración: 34min | 16/01/2018

    Week 2 of the Let’s Go! series, focusing on preserving in the Christian life, has one of Jesus’ disciples watching Him pray and then asking for Jesus to teach them how to pray like that. And Jesus does! We will end with Communion and then enjoy Burger Sunday!

  • Doing What Jesus Says
    Doing What Jesus Says
    Duración: 40min | 09/01/2018

    Week 1 of the Let’s Go! series is Jesus telling the parable about building our foundation on rock and not shifting sand. Our solid foundation is hearing and doing what Jesus says. Jesus also says a lot of things to challenge how we think about our life.

  • Giving Because First Given
    Giving Because First Given
    Duración: 22min | 26/12/2017

    Christmas Eve is here! From the Roman Empire thinking they were under attack and needed to raise tax money to the God of the Universe arriving quietly one night it was exciting! Fortunately for us, it is still exciting.

  • The Long Adventure
    The Long Adventure
    Duración: 40min | 18/12/2017

    For week 3 of the Best Christmas Ever series, the Wise Men offer us the gift of Patience. The God of the Universe is at work in ways we cannot imagine. For instance…

  • Between Expectations  Reality
    Between Expectations & Reality
    Duración: 40min | 12/12/2017

    For week 2 of the Best Christmas Ever series, it’s Mary’s turn. Talking to Luke years later, Mary still remembers how unsettling the news of the birth of Jesus was to her. It is clear her trust that the Heavenly Father had her best interests at heart was the source of her faith filled response.

  • Joseph’s Big Question
    Joseph’s Big Question
    Duración: 39min | 04/12/2017

    Joseph’s Big Question by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • A Very Special Sermon About A Very Special School
    A Very Special Sermon About A Very Special School
    Duración: 36min | 27/11/2017

    This week we discuss the special relationship we have with a public school, Manzo Elementary. Be certain to check out the amazing things happening at Manzo.

  • Say Thank You
    Say Thank You
    Duración: 43min | 20/11/2017

    Week 3 of the Gratitude series has Jesus asking a simple question: ‘Why don't more say Thank You?'

  • No Win in Comparison
    No Win in Comparison
    Duración: 35min | 14/11/2017

    Week 2 of the Gratitude series has Jesus telling the famous Parable of the Vineyard Workers. Rather than rejoicing over their opportunity to work - and get paid! Some complain they were treated unfairly. Remembering to be Grateful for what we have, and to focus on what we can do to make a difference has a result, is much more productive than complaining about what others have been given. Not as much fun, more ultimately more productive.

  • Remember to Have the Party
    Remember to Have the Party
    Duración: 46min | 06/11/2017

    Week 1 of the new Gratitude series! Leading us to Thanksgiving Day, we begin with a Psalm poem calling us to give Thanks and Remember. We will focus not only on Remembering, but Why we remember: Jesus moves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so.

  • Treasures in Heaven
    Treasures in Heaven
    Duración: 35min | 01/11/2017

    The Grand Finale of the Stewardship Series has a great ending with a surprise twist. Jesus tells a parable that seems to turn our understanding of how to live in the world upside down. And, as usual, it does.

  • A Good Servant, But Bad Master
    A Good Servant, But Bad Master
    Duración: 39min | 26/10/2017

    A Good Servant, But Bad Master by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • Your Turn
    Your Turn
    Duración: 37min | 19/10/2017

    Week 3 of our Stewardship series is a classic: Parable of the Talents. We each have been given Gifts & Opportunities by the king who will soon be back. What will we do? Hint: It’s a Test.

  • Engaged In Great Work
    Engaged In Great Work
    Duración: 40min | 10/10/2017

    Week 2 of the Stewardship series is focused on our time. It is Brief, so we should be Wise. Our primary focus will be on Nehemiah and how he lived his life doing important work while surrounded by a lot of trouble, doubt and fear.

  • Remebering Who Built This Place
    Remebering Who Built This Place
    Duración: 28min | 10/10/2017

    Week 1 of the Be a Connection: A Service Series begins with the Foundational Reminder that this is God’s World. Our part is to seek God’s face. Especially when facing difficulties that make us feel hopeless. We can only be helpful to others when we remember God Wins. And we are on God’s side.

  • What Did You Do, Job?
    What Did You Do, Job?
    Duración: 38min | 25/09/2017

    The final week of the Connection series has Job suffering in the middle of the Battleground between Good & Evil. Job’s friends come to comfort but end up blaming Job for clearly causing his own troubles and then denying his part. God brings helpful perspective at the end. And shows what Connection really means.

  • The Pain Of Beginning Again
    The Pain Of Beginning Again
    Duración: 29min | 18/09/2017

    The Pain Of Beginning Again by CatalinaChurchPodcast

    Duración: 39min | 12/09/2017

    Week 2 of the Connect series has Saul meeting Jesus face to face in the middle of his rampage to wipe out all followers of Jesus. Oops. Sometimes we fight for the wrong side. However, there are a few people who get it right: Ananias and Barnabas.

  • One of Us Has to Trust God
    One of Us Has to Trust God
    Duración: 30min | 28/08/2017

    Week 4 wraps up the Back to School series with King Saul relieving himself in a cave in the middle of the chase to track down and kill David, who Saul fears wants the throne. Mostly because God has said Saul is a lousy king and David is the next king. Showing our Heavenly Father is funny, Saul chooses the cave David and his 600 fighting men are hiding in. David slices up Saul’s royal robe, but doesn’t slice up Saul. The question is, do we trust God is at work? Or do we need to do whatever is necessary to accomplish God’ goal for Him?

  • Dad is Calling
    Dad is Calling
    Duración: 31min | 21/08/2017

    Week 3 of the Back to School series has a simple request: Honor your parents. We show respect God when we respect our parents. As small children respecting parents isn’t easy, but it is clear. What does it mean as we get older?

  • Get To Work
    Get To Work
    Duración: 44min | 14/08/2017

    Week 2 of Back to School has James yelling at us to Get to Work. James missed that his own brother, Jesus, was the Savior, until the Resurrection. James then was a leader in the early Church, but his personality was clearly stern. James yells this Truth at us: Because God loves us we should be better people.

  • Because You Believed
    Because You Believed
    Duración: 34min | 08/08/2017

    Welcome to week 1 of the Back to School series! Time to learn some new things. Or at least be reminded of some things we may have forgotten. God’s People, the Israelites, have had their Promised Land be occupied territory for many years. And one of the occupiers shows more faith than God’s own people. Which is exactly why the Promised Land has become Occupied Land.

  • Earnestly Desire to be Helpful
    Earnestly Desire to be Helpful
    Duración: 27min | 07/08/2017

    The final week of the Blueprint series has Paul getting specific about how everyone has a part to play in the Kingdom of God. We are not all eyes or ears, but we are all at least as important as feet.

  • Joining In
    Joining In
    Duración: 34min | 07/08/2017

    Welcome to Catalina Church North. This week we have a short set of verses to remind us that all of us have a part to play. Lydia, the prosperous peddler of purple cloth, has a house worth sharing. What do we have?

  • Philip Hits The Road
    Philip Hits The Road
    Duración: 24min | 07/08/2017

    Welcome Catalina listeners. This week we are talking about Philip running away from the persecution in Jerusalem, right into where God wants him to be.

  • We Fell in the Garden
    We Fell in the Garden
    Duración: 45min | 20/06/2017

    We Fell in the Garden by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • Pop-Up Sunday
    Pop-Up Sunday
    Duración: 34min | 14/06/2017

    Pop-Up Sunday by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • In The Beginning
    In The Beginning
    Duración: 36min | 06/06/2017

    In The Beginning by CatalinaChurchPodcast

  • It Ends Well
    It Ends Well
    Duración: 42min | 31/05/2017

    This is the last week of our study of Pereservereance, Keep On. How do we shift our mindset of how to keep on once we know that God Wins in the end

  • We Love Italians, Peter Didnt
    We Love Italians, Peter Didn't
    Duración: 36min | 23/05/2017

    This week we'll tackle the difficult topic of persevering even when we can't see God's plan. DISCLAIMER: We really do love the Italian people.

  • Baby Dedication Sunday
    Baby Dedication Sunday
    Duración: 12min | 14/05/2017

    This week was baby dedication! Here's 10 minutes of teaching on what that looks like!

  • Through Injustice We Stand
    Through Injustice We Stand
    Duración: 34min | 07/05/2017

    Hello Catalina Listeners! My name is Connor and I’m very excited to bring you the first episode in our new series Keep On! We know life gets hard, so how do we keep moving even when the mountain is steep. This week we’ll tackle parking tickets, Warren Buffet, mass circumcision, and philanthropic coin flips. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!

  • Dont Be Odd In The Name Of Jesus
    Don't Be Odd In The Name Of Jesus
    Duración: 43min | 01/05/2017

    Hello Catalina Listeners! My name is Connor and I’m very excited to bring you the second episode in our Post-Easter mini-series What Now? Last week we talked about fishing and breakfast. This week we’ll also talk about fish and breakfast. And also, racist organizations, less than intelligent angels, Tim’s Demise, and overcrowded bathrooms! YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS!

  • Now Come Have Some Breakfast
    Now Come Have Some Breakfast
    Duración: 33min | 24/04/2017

    I’m very excited to bring you the first episode in our Brand new mini-series What Now? Jesus died, then rose again, then showed off his sweet Easter wounds to a few people. But what happens when the dust settles. What did the disciples do? What do we do? *Slight audio misfire on this one, the problem should be remedied by next week!*

  • Easter Sunday 2017
    Easter Sunday 2017
    Duración: 49min | 17/04/2017

    Pastor Ted talks through the beauty of the day that is most central to our faith.

  • The Crushing Disappointment of Relationship
    The Crushing Disappointment of Relationship
    Duración: 36min | 11/04/2017

    Ted takes us through the pain and disappointment Jesus finds in his best friends toward the end of his life.